About Us

Founded over 30 years ago with the goal of delivering the highest levels of service and support, Tekulus provides IT and telecommunications services to businesses of all sizes in a broad range of industries.

As the pace of technology change increases, most organizations are challenged just to keep up with evolving business demands and struggle to keep legacy, on-premises infrastructure running. By partnering with Tekulus, companies can put an increased focus on meeting business goals, and let the experts at Tekulus solve their IT and telecom problems using the latest tools, applications and technologies.
Our longevity gives us a solid understanding of legacy IT, including Windows, Unix, Linux and mainframe environments. We understand how to get the most out of legacy IT, and how to ensure your data – and your customer’s data – is safe and secure.
As cloud computing pioneers, we have worked with a broad range of enterprises to help them adopt the best of cloud computing, from utilizing SaaS applications like Salesforce.com or Office 365, to migrating applications and servers to cloud hosting providers to reduce the burden of supporting on-premises infrastructure. Many organizations will find that a hybrid cloud environment, that embraces both legacy and cloud components, delivers the best ROI, and Tekulus can help determine which if any workloads and applications are best suited for the cloud.
Additionally, Tekulus has partnered with the world’s leading telecommunications and networking companies to deliver both Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and data networking solutions that ensure that your employees have the connectivity and collaboration tools they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Our partnerships with Cisco Systems (Premier Certified Partner) and Microsoft (Certified Partner) help ensure that we can offer the best possible solutions for our customers.

Most importantly, our expertly trained staff is there around the clock to solve any IT or telecom issue that might arise, using a combination of remote diagnostics techniques and on-site visits to deliver the best service and the uptime you need to keep your customers happy.

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