Asset Management

ITAM or IT asset management involves the deployment, upgrading, maintenance, and proper disposal of company IT assets by an experienced IT professional.

The IT assets monitored by an IT asset management professional include any software or hardware that the company relies on. These assets may include proprietary software, purchased content, content licenses, and software licenses.


Why Is IT Asset Management Important?


IT Asset management is important for numerous reasons.


Primarily, IT asset management ensures that there is an order among company assets which makes it easier to locate items when needed. Good management also means that assets are kept up to date which keeps an IT system much more secure and urgent tasks do not have to be delayed due to pending updates.

IT asset management is also crucial because it tracks the lifecycle of a product. Tracking lifecycle is helpful because it helps to maximize efficiency and eliminate downtime by making necessary updates and renewals. Tracking is equally important because it ensures that any subscription products are paid on time, preventing disruptions.


Waste Elimination

An IT company relies on various technologies and many of these have shared features. Being able to properly identify duplicated features can aid in the elimination of superfluous technology that is unnecessarily draining financial resources.

Tracking software, apps, and other tools also allow a company to track which IT tools are producing results and improving the company’s bottom line and which are proving to be less effective than predicted.


One Data Source

An IT asset management professional also serves as a single data source for the entire company organization. This is beneficial because it means that rather than aggregating data from multiple sources, the company can save time and pull reliable data from one location.


The convenience of having a single data source also eliminates various margins of error in data reporting which creates a much more accurate picture of your company’s financial standing, level of efficiency and pinpoint areas in need of better optimization.


Do You Really Need IT Asset Management?


No…but you’d be foolish not to invest in an IT asset manager when according to Gartner research,
“organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30%” Is your company really so well off that eliminating that wasted 30% doesn’t matter?


Tekulus IT Asset Management Services

At Tekulus, IT asset management is one of the many services that we offer. In fact, it is an integral part of our proprietary efficiency analysis tool – a tool that we designed based on decades of IT experience.


Whether you find your company budget running low, feel like you have multiple programs running duplicate processes, or simply want to better organize and maintain your current IT  assets, our team can help.


For more information on how we can help you to properly manage your business assets, give us a call today at 510-592-8530.