Banking IT Solutions

Banking IT Solutions Designed For Your Success!

At Tekulus, we develop custom banking IT solutions with the goal of streamlining your business to increase your productivity. We take what you have today, add what you are missing, trim away the fat, and leave you with a powerful IT infrastructure that is optimized for success. Whether you are having difficulty keeping legacy, on-premises infrastructure functioning, or you are interested in increasing your employees’ connectivity and providing collaboration tools, we’ve got you covered.

How Banking IT Solutions Can Advance Your Business

In a world of technology that is advancing much faster than the average corporation can keep up with, the right banking IT solutions can mean the difference between success and failure.

Custom Banking IT Solutions

Your financial institution is built on an infrastructure that is far too complex to simply advance as quickly as modern technology can. Compatibility and dependence issues, in addition to accessibility for clients, mean that your institution is faced with the difficult task of juggling the modern world of IT while depending on an infrastructure that was outdated years ago. This isn’t just frustrating, it also results in reduced productivity and efficiency which costs you money.

With an IT consultancy firm like Tekulus on your team, however, you no longer have to focus on bridging that gap between legacy infrastructure and the future of technology. Our knowledgeable team members will develop banking IT solutions that are custom built for your needs.

Cloud Services

If your financial institution is not currently utilizing the cloud platform, you are not only giving your competitors a leg up, but you are also performing at a reduced level of efficiency. Tekulus banking IT solutions offer you cost-effective cloud services as an alternative to legacy system data structure and provide you with the onsite computer support you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Connectivity Solutions

For a successful financial institution downtime is unacceptable, but when your connection is down altogether, our connectivity solutions can help. Tekulus onsite connectivity solutions ensure that even when you aren’t able to connect, you can still access your data so that nothing interrupts your productivity.

Data Backup Services

If your financial institution is currently functioning with no or minimal data backup services in place, you are at risk of destroying your company and your reputation as a result of data loss. Our expert backup services will put a unique data backup structure in place so that should a network or system failure occur, you won’t be left in a compromising position.

Banking IT Solutions Can Bolster Your Business

If you’re not sure how Tekulus can help your financial institution, but you know that you’re in need of custom IT solutions, our consulting services are a great starting point. Our specially trained consultants will begin with an evaluation of your current infrastructure. From there, our team will talk to you about your objectives and work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet your corporate goals with the right technology solutions.

How Do We Determine the Banking IT Solutions That Are Right for You?

Here at Tekulus, we utilize an efficiency analysis system that has been built on 30 years of corporate and financial experience. Employing data analysis, we are able to build a picture of your institution’s current level of efficiency and determine how and where your productivity can be improved.

Allow us to put our efficiency analysis tools to work for your financial institution! Call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.