Education IT Solutions

Education IT Solutions So You Can Work Smarter Not Harder

We develop custom education IT solutions to ensure that you are able to provide your students with the IT solutions that they need to succeed. It is only with the right devices AND infrastructure in place that you can offer your students the best tools for learning and Tekulus can help.

How Education IT Solutions Can Advance Your Institution

Education IT solutions are imperative for your institution to be able to connect students to the most up to date technological advances while keeping costs under control.

Custom Education IT Solutions

Your institution relies on an internal infrastructure to provide connectivity and data access to students. Unfortunately, if your institution is like most, you are routinely challenged by legacy systems that are unable to keep up with the current speed of advancing technology but the cost to replace that infrastructure just isn’t in your budget. Fortunately, Tekulus IT consultancy firm can help you to solve this problem with custom education IT solutions that will bridge the technological gap without the price tag of a complete system overhaul.

Cloud Services

If your educational institution is not currently utilizing the cloud platform, you are doing your students and teachers both a great disservice by reducing the efficiency of your connectivity and limiting access to educational resources. Tekulus education IT solutions provide you with cost-effective cloud services so that you no longer have to worry about an outdated or incompatible legacy system data structure and we even provide onsite computer support to facilitate a smooth transition.

Data Privacy

Tekulus education IT solutions offer students and teachers of your institution a secure online environment with firewalls designed to protect your network. Through applications put in place to prevent data loss and by providing a remote access capability for users, we make sure that your data is accessible at all times and that nothing gets in the way of your institution’s capability to provide a quality educational experience.

Data Storage Services

Digital content dependency is increasing among educational institutions and businesses alike and for both entities, insufficient server storage creates a real roadblock. At Tekulus, our expert backup services and data storage solutions are designed to facilitate simple data access and secure data storage, while eliminating the potential for data loss, so you never have to explain how data loss occurred or who now has access to that data.

The Benefits of Education IT Solutions to Your Institution

With the right education IT solutions in place, your firm can bolster your existing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of replacing it and benefit from identical results! We know that it’s not always clear which education IT solution is the right choice for you without a professional evaluation of your current system. Fortunately, our consultants can perform a complete evaluation of your network, talk with you to identify your goals, and then work on developing a comprehensive solution to achieve your institution’s goals through education IT solutions.

How Do We Determine the Education IT Solutions That Are Right for You?

Our efficiency analysis system is built based on 30 years of big business experience. Using data analysis, we develop an image of your institution’s current level of operation and then determine where and how we can make that system more efficient.

If you are interested in putting our efficiency analysis tools to work for your learning institution, call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.