Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare IT Solutions So You Can Work Smarter Not Harder

We create custom healthcare IT solutions designed to streamline your practice and promote productivity by optimizing your institution’s structure and operation. If you are struggling to keep legacy on-premises infrastructure operating, or struggling to increase your employees’ connectivity and supply collaboration tools, Tekulus can help.

How Healthcare IT Solutions Can Advance Your Practice

Technology is moving at lightspeed and most businesses can’t keep up, but with the right healthcare IT solutions on board, you can.

Custom Corporate IT Solutions

Your practice was developed on an infrastructure that just can’t evolve as fast as modern technology can, too much depends upon it. Unfortunately, this leaves your staff struggling to supply modern services while working from an infrastructure that is dated. This only results in one thing – a decline in efficiency and productivity. With Tekulus IT consultancy firm on your team, however, you no longer have to bridge that gap because we will create healthcare IT solutions that are built with your needs and goals in mind.

Cloud Services

The cloud platform provides your healthcare clinic or institution with an advantage over your competitors and a chance to function at optimal efficiency. Tekulus healthcare solutions provide a cost-effective cloud service as an alternative to legacy system data structure and offers the onsite computer support necessary to make that transition smoothly.

Connectivity Solutions

A smooth running healthcare institution has no space for downtime, but when your connection is completely down, our connectivity solutions are here for you. We make sure that when your connection is down, you aren’t left without data access because nothing should ever be permitted to interrupt your in-office efficiency.

Data Backup Services

Data backup services are crucial for any business, but as a healthcare institution, a lack of reliable data backup services can bring your business crashing to the ground.  Our expert backup services will get you set up with an expert data backup structure so that if you do experience a network or system failure, you aren’t left with nothing to fall back on.

How Healthcare IT Solutions Can Advance Your Institution

If you’re not sure how Tekulus can help your institution, but you know that you need a custom healthcare solution, our consulting services are the perfect starting point. Our team will evaluate your current network before talking to you about your needs and goals. From there, we will work alongside you to develop a custom-built plan to help you to meet those needs and goals with the most efficient technology solutions.

How Do We Determine the Healthcare IT Solutions That Are Right for You?

We utilize an efficiency analysis system that has been built on 30 years of big business experience. With in-depth data analysis, we can paint a picture of your practice’s current efficiency level and how and where that level of efficiency can be improved.

If you want to put our efficiency analysis tools to work for your practice, call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.