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Ubiquiti networking solutions provides powerful networking solutions through their scalable and ready to install, UniFi system. Designed for multi-application use, UniFi is controlled by a single management interface.


Jive VOIP service – now known as GoToConnect – allows your business to keep your existing phone numbers, choose a phone system that’s right for you, and supports video conferencing services.


VMWare provides a strong firmware basis and this digital foundation allows users to run any application on any cloud, anywhere! This provides the ultimate tool for multi-location businesses.


XORCOM is the developer of VOIP single location, multi-branch phone systems that can be scaled for business size. Whether you are a startup or a commercial office, there’s a XORCOM solution for your business.


As a Microsoft partner, Tekulus enjoys instant access to unique resources, tools, programs, and connections that will be put to use when setting up your new and custom IT solution.

Ruckus Solution Provider

Commscope plays a huge role in the provision of the hardware and cabling that goes into setting up your unique company IT solutions. With Commscope on board, your company data center is constructed with strictly regulated and long-lasting solutions.