Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is an efficient and cost-effective solution to office IT problems. But what exactly does remote IT support mean and what does it involve?

What is Remote IT Support?

Remote IT support is an on-demand IT support network that provides companies with support when it is needed. Clients reach out when there is a problem, and a support technician connects remotely to the client’s computer system. Through this remote connection, the technician is able to identify the problem and implement any steps necessary to fix it.

Although remote support cannot apply every fix remotely, the majority of IT concerns are fixable through a remote connection. In cases where a problem is not remotely fixable, technicians are often still able to pinpoint the problem, providing the client with more information on how to remedy the problem.

Benefits of Remote IT Support

There are some great benefits to remote IT support!

You Save Physical Space!

Having a technician available when you need them and not all of the time, means that you don’t have to give up square footage of your property to house an IT support department! Just think what else you could do with that extra space!

You Save Money

Not only do you save money by recovering square footage in your office building, but you also save on wages. Without having to keep techs on staff fulltime, your company only has to pay for technicians when they are needed – that means money that can be invested elsewhere.


Having a remote IT team available means that when you call for help, someone is available to help you. If your office relies on in-house support staff, however, you are limited to only the number of technicians you can afford to have on-staff. Remote IT support provides a larger database of support!

You Still Get Access to On-Demand Support

One reason why many companies keep on-site technicians to help with IT problems is that it allows them to instantly access help when it is needed. Remote support does not take away from that availability. Remote technicians are still available as needed, they just happen not to take up physical space in your office or require a fulltime salary!

Why Tekulus Remote IT Support?

At Tekulus, our IT support staff are available on-demand for your IT support needs. Unlike some other support teams, our staff are more than a squad of techs in matching shirts. Our technicians have extensive support experience and have been cleared to manage sensitive material, so you never have to worry about the security of your information or the competency of the technician working on your job.

We know that IT issues can’t wait and that the longer your system is down, the more money it costs your company, that’s why our team is always ready to take your call and diagnose the problem. We don’t expect you to leave a voicemail and wait for hours or days for us to reply – when you are on the job, we are on the job!