Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT Solutions So You Can Work Smarter Not Harder

We create custom retail IT solutions that are designed to reduce your data management risks and lower your overhead while improving your retail business’s performance and structure. Whether you are struggling with Legacy infrastructure or whether you are in need of more efficient collaboration tools to streamline communications within the company, Tekulus can help.

How Retail IT Solutions Can Advance Your Business

For any retail business to succeed it’s important to have retail IT solutions that are capable of keeping up with the evolution of technology while still being able to handle the unique needs of retail business.

Custom Retail IT Solutions

Your retail business depends on robust IT solutions that are capable of keeping up with the changing world of e-commerce, payment processing, and data management. That said, it also depends upon having a stable infrastructure in place that facilitates productivity by streamlining intra-office efficiency. This creates a need for IT solutions that are both dynamic and consistent at the same time. Tekulus IT consultancy firm can solve this problem for you with our custom Retail IT solutions built for your needs so that you can devote your time growing and maintaining your business.

Cloud Services

If your business has not yet implemented the cloud platform, you are not only giving your competitors a “leg up” but you are also reducing your business’s efficiency. Without utilizing a quality cloud computing solution you are limiting how and when you and your staff can access important data as well as draining precious company resources to store your company data on-site. Tekulus retail IT solutions are designed to give you cost-effective cloud services as an alternative to any current legacy system data structure that you currently have in place.

Connectivity Solutions

Our connectivity solutions are designed to improve how your company utilizes data by implementing a web-based system that promotes and enables collaboration among users officewide and worldwide. This makes sure that company data and contacts are accessible at all times and that nothing gets in the way of your business productivity.

Data Backup Services

As a retail business, your everyday function is dependent on the smooth operation of your IT systems and if you are operating with insufficient data backup services in place, you run the risk of interrupting everyday service and losing business for the long term. Our expert backup services are designed to prevent data loss by putting a professional data backup structure into play so that should a network or system failure occur, you won’t risk the future of your business.

How Retail IT Solutions Can Advance Your Business

With the right retail IT solutions at work for your company, you will not only experience increased productivity, but you can also reduce your overall overhead by refining current IT processes. It may not always be easy to see what the right solution for your needs is, but our consulting services can help! With a complete evaluation of your system, we can identify your objectives, and work with you to develop a comprehensive solution designed to help you to achieve and exceed your business goals!

How Do We Determine the Retail IT Solutions That Are Right for You?

Our efficiency analysis system was developed based on 30 years of big business experience. By utilizing our data analysis system, we develop a picture of your business’s current efficiency. This allows us to then determine how that efficiency can be improved.

If you’re interested in putting our efficiency analysis tools to work for your retail business, call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.