Expert backup and disaster recovery plans in California

Tekulus provides customers with expert backup and disaster recovery plans in California. We evaluate a business’s backup requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution that can provide adequate support to your internal IT systems.

Cloud has only made disaster recovery simpler and cheaper. The usage of the cloud for deploying disaster recovery plans and security solutions, is only fortified with the kind of agility that this continuously evolving technology has to offer. It is completely equipped to handle malicious attacks and can easily fight against the vulnerabilities of a software. It is fast, has the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and brings along with it the convenience attribute that lets service providers offer customized, scalable solutions to their clients.

DLP and backup

Data loss can be crippling. It is extremely important to prevent the loss of your intellectual property, or your company’s financial documents, which can lead to negative exposure. There are many reasons why a DLP or Data Recovery Plan should be a priority.

In case of loss of crucial data, the business gets back to its operations quicker than expected. Your data is well-protected against breaches, natural disasters or any other such incidents. It is estimated that during an outage about 75% of the employee productivity is lost besides all the business that is lost during the period. An effective DLP can get your business operational in absolutely no time leading to minimal or no loss.

Customer interaction and intimation is one of the most vital aspects of a DLP. If data is lost, stolen or just not retrievable due to an inconceivable situation, then it depends upon the business to notify the customer pertaining to the disaster. It is only when you embed the solution within the DLP that you can communicate to the customer and retain business efficiency. This also enhances customer loyalty.

With a DLP, your operations can still function digitally even if the accessibility to your physical facility is affected. This is typically true at a time when a natural disaster can affect your facility completely or a prolonged power outage prevents the equipment from functioning fully.

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