Boosting WiFi Signal: Why This Isn’t Always the Answer

Boosting WiFi signal is usually the first suggestion when you are having trouble with your internet connection, but this isn’t necessarily the best solution and here is why…

Boosting WIFI Signal: Why This Isn’t Always the Answer

What Is WiFi Signal Boosting?

What do people mean when they talk about WiFi signal boosting?

When you are experiencing difficulty connecting to your WiFi, the most commonly suggested solution is to use a signal booster. A signal booster is a device that takes your existing router WiFi signal and amplifies it so that your WiFi coverage is expanded. With expanded coverage, more of your devices can connect to the internet.

The Problem with Signal Boosting

It’s a Two-Way Street

Signal boosting may seem like it’s an efficient solution to expand your WiFi signal, but what many people don’t understand is that the devices within your WiFi network don’t just have a one way path of communication. Your router sends signals to your devices, but your devices need to be able to send a signal back to your router. When you amplify your router signal, you are boosting the signal from your router, but you aren’t doing anything for the signal going the other way. So, you are still going to experience dropped or spotty connections.

It Isn’t Necessarily Legal

There is a legal limit to the strength of a WiFi signal and more often than not, signal strength is already at its max. So, if you use a WiFi booster to boost your signal, you may be breaking the law.

So What is the Solution?

If WiFi signal boosting isn’t the answer to your WiFi connection problems, what is?

There are various solutions that can be used to create a stable WiFi connection when your business is in more extreme territory. The best way to determine how to improve your connection is to consult a team of technicians.

Here at Tekulus, we have a skilled team of technicians who have helped many companies to set up a connection that they can rely on. When you call us in, we will take a look at your system setup and using what we see and any information that you give us, we will work with you to create a customized solution for you. This ensures that your system is optimized for your needs and for your specific setup. We find that this type of setup works so much more efficiently than a blanket solution designed for a “general system.” We can even run our efficiency analysis to determine where else we can help you to boost your company efficiency.

Is Boosting WIFI Signal the Right Option For You?

Are you looking for a reliable and stable solution to your spotty or non-existent internet connection? Whatever difficulties you are having with your internet connection due to the location of your business, our team here at Tekulus can help with a custom designed solution. To make an appointment with our techs, just give us a call today at 510-592-8530.