Business Backup Solutions: Are You Trusting the Wrong Company?

Business backup solutions are an integral part of any successful business, but in order for them to benefit your company, it’s crucial that you rely on a reputable company. Are you trusting the wrong company with your backup needs?

Business Backup Solutions: Are You Trusting the Wrong Company?

There is no definitive way to know whether you are trusting the wrong company with your business backup solution needs. With that said, however, there are some red flags that you should watch out for when looking for a tech company that can properly serve you. Let’s take a look at some of those red flags, and remember, if your current provider shows any of these signs, you should start searching for a new IT solutions provider right away!

Weak Compliance and Privacy

One of the most important things to look for in any company you intend on doing business with or who will have access to your company data is compliance and privacy. It’s crucial that whoever you trust to handle or manage your data is very clear in their compliance and privacy statements. You don’t want to trust a company with your data who makes no mention of what they will be doing with that data. Does their service comply with the necessary security protocols? Do they seem committed to the security of your data? What level of encryption do they implement? Have they had any prior data breaches? Does their privacy statement give them rights to access and use your data or does it securely protect your data?

Always ensure that the service provider that you choose to handle your data is one that values privacy and compliance as much as you do.

Clear Terms of Service

When you sign up for any type of service, you are required to read over and agree to a terms of service agreement. Most people skim over this agreement and agree without understanding the intricacies of what they agreed to. This becomes a problem when disputes or problems arise in the future and you turn to the terms of service to bolster your position. If you didn’t pay enough attention to the agreement you signed off on, you could find yourself without a leg to stand on. For example, if your company is one day late on paying an invoice and your provider immediately terminates your service without providing you with a backup of your data backup files. With most companies and services you are given a grace period on late payments, you are also usually given the opportunity to download and clear your files before they are removed from the provider’s server. If, however, the terms of service that you agreed to do not explicitly state that this is the case or if they explicitly state that any late payment will result in the immediate termination of your service, you will have a hard time making your case in court.

Always fully read a terms of service document before you agree to those terms and make sure to print that document out and keep it in a secure location so that you can rely on that document in the future if you need it.

With that said, find a reputable company that is completely transparent and you won’t need to rely on that TOS document.

They Lack a Reputation or Have a Poor Reputation

If you have chosen a data storage solution with a company that seems to be lacking when it comes to their reputation, you should consider moving to another more reputable company right away. Yes, it’s possible for new companies to be great companies that simply lack a reputation, but you also have to take a chance on that being the case. Are you prepared to take that chance with the security of your company data?

If you are still in the process of choosing a data storage solution and an IT services company that can provide that solution, look for a company that has a solid reputation. This is generally a company that has been around long enough to develop a satisfied customer base.

In Need of Business Backup Solutions?

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