Cloud service providers in california

Tekulus provides reliable and cost-effective delivery of cloud service providers in California. With our industry experience, we provide enterprise-class services and on-demand scalability.

What is cloud computing?

All computing services such as a database, applications, storage, etc. are delivered on the cloud platform at pay-as-you-go prices. With cloud computing, you can share huge amounts of data with millions of users across the globe and support the crucial operations of your business. It helps companies consume a compute resource just like electricity, rather than building and maintaining expensive, in-house IT infrastructures. Businesses can procure the right size and type of cloud computing services customized to their requirements.

Different types of cloud computing services:

In terms of services, cloud computing has the following to offer:

  • Infrastructure as a service or IaaS provides:

    • Operational support

    • Server storage

    • Networking

  • Platform as a Service or PaaS

    • Facilitates the building and running of applications with the help of developer tools

  • Software as a Service or SaaS

    • Information access through software applications

Benefits of Tekulus’s cloud computing services:

  • Affordability: You do not have to maintain your own data center and spend money powering the servers. Use your time constructively to focus on your customers and projects to differentiate your business.

  • Fast deployment: Establish your applications across several regions in just a few clicks. Customers derive a better experience and lower latency at minimal costs.

  • Speed: With cloud computing, IT resources are very close to you and are available within a few minutes. Organizational agility is dramatically increased when the time and cost of experimentation is minimized.

  • Flexible capacity: Depending on business requirements and needs, the cloud capacity can be either turned up or down. Add capacities quickly when there is a massive sale and shrink it after the sale is over.

Shared resources always receive green credentials and so is the case with cloud computing. Tekulus provides safe and secure cloud computing services in California. Call our consultants today.