Data Cabling – What Is It And Why Is It Important To Your Business?

Data cabling is just one of the services that we offer here at Tekulus to help our clients to get the highest level of efficiency out of their businesses. If you tend to stick to your own niche of tech, though, you may be wondering what data cabling is and why it matters to your business, so today we’re going to break it down for you.

Data Cabling – What Is It And Why Is It Important To Your Business?

When we talk about data cabling, we are talking about setting up and running cables that carry data information. Data cables can run from one source or multiple sources and they are how your office devices like your VOIP, your PC, fax machine, etc. So, for example, data cabling can connect computers through a network in your office, or, a gaming console to your network at home.

Why Get a Professional to Do Your Data Cabling?

If “all” data cabling is is running a cable from one device to another, then why do you need a professional to do the job?

When it comes to your workplace, it’s not a good idea.

Firstly, if your workplace is like most, you have an insurance policy in place. That insurance policy requires that you have data cabling done by a professional, licensed installer. Doing the installation yourself will quickly void your insurance policy and any warranty that you have on your office equipment.

Secondly, data cabling isn’t just a matter of finding a cable and plugging it in to connect two devices. You have to use the optimal cable for each aspect of your network setup to ensure that you aren’t putting unnecessary strain on your office network. Strain that can impact your workplace efficiency in a big way!

When it comes to connecting devices on your office network, you need to have cables that are capable of supporting high speeds of data transfer. This isn’t only a matter of choosing the highest speed cable, either, it’s about assessing the distance between connected points. You see, certain cables are only capable of maintaining certain speeds over a particular distance. For example, a Cat6 cable is only able to maintain speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps when run over a distance of 328 feet.

Of course, there is also the connection type of a cable to consider. While some connection adapters may look similar or compatible, they aren’t necessarily going to be.

With the help of a professional data cabling company, however, you can optimize your connection for the highest speed of data transfer, the most stability, and ensure the best production rates and efficiency for your company!

Believe us when we tell you that this is definitely NOT the place where you want to start cutting corners and trying to save a few bucks! Your entire office depends on having a reliable and optimally functioning network, anything less and you’re losing money!


Could Your Business Benefit From Data Cabling Services?

If your business could benefit from cabling services, our team here at Tekulus can help. Let’s get started by determining how we can help with your current predicament, just give us a call at 510-592-8530!