Data Management: What Does Data Management Involve?

Data management is just one of the services that we offer here at Tekulus and our data solutions are as customizable as they come! Designed to allow you to focus on your business without having to worry about preserving, protecting, and organizing your data, our data management services are as unique as your business. What do those data management services involve, though?

Data Management: What Does Data Management Involve?

When we talk about data management, we are generally referring to any system or process that is designed to manage the data that your company deals with on a daily basis. For example, if you run a pediatrician’s office, you have a large amount of patient data stored on your company network that identifies your patients and keeps a record of important medical information. To maintain a successful practice, it’s important that you are able to properly organize that data, secure that data, access it when needed, streamline its use and access between various employees working at your practice, and store that data for future access. Each of these steps requires a data management solution – a method of “doing” and that is where data management solutions come in.

How Do We Implement Data Management Solutions For Your Business?

At Tekulus we have 30 years of experience in data management and business technology solutions and we put that experience to work for you by first setting up a consultation with our data management team. This allows us to get to know your business and your needs at the current moment as well as your goals for the future.

Once we have a picture of your business, we then take a look at your current system of operation. What data management solutions are you currently using? We also often take this time to perform an efficiency analysis of your current system which allows us to see where your current system is succeeding as well as where it requires improvement.

A Personalized Approach to Data Management Solutions

With a blueprint of what you are looking for in your business data management solutions and a map of where your current system could use a little help, we are able to custom create a solution that will work for your business. This process often involves the creation of a few bridges that span the gap that exists between oracle programs that your company has depended on for decades and newer technologies that don’t “play well” with these older programs, but don’t worry, we are experienced in this area and dedicated to developing a solution that will work for you. Once created, our team will then implement this new solution and ensure that your team knows exactly how it functions…after all, what good is a new system if no one knows how to utilize it?!

Let’s walk through the creation of data management solutions in the example of the pediatrician’s office above…

You are a pediatrician’s office and your current office data management option is outdated, but you can’t find another, more up to date solution that will work with this oracle system. The problem? You need a more up to date system in place to keep up with modern technology.

You decide to call in Tekulus and we sit down with you and chat for a while about what your company does, what you want to do, how you currently manage your data, and how we can help you to achieve everything you currently want for your company to do. For example, you currently have data storage onsite that is only accessible through your office’s Oracle system and you would like to be able to have that data offsite to reduce storage costs for your office and to allow authorized individuals to access it from anywhere in the case of an emergency.

We then have our technicians take a look at the system you currently use and combine what you have told us with the information we know about your current IT system to come up with a customized solution. This solution is designed to meet your needs while also advancing your business with access to newer technologies.

With your new system designed, we can then implement it in your offices. Our staff will explain the changes in the new system and how they are beneficial to your company while also teaching your staff members how to utilize the new system.

Do You Need Data Management Solutions That Are Catered to Your Business Needs?

If you need data management solutions that are custom built for your business to work with your budget and your unique business needs, give Tekulus a call today at  510-592-8530.