Efficiency Analysis: 3 Problems Our Efficiency Analysis Program Can Reveal

At Tekulus, we have decades of IT experience and we funneled that experience into creating our own efficiency analysis program. Based on our cumulative experience, our program analyzes your current system against data from our database and pinpoints any areas where your business could benefit from a few adjustments. Let’s take a look at three problems that our efficiency analysis program can reveal.

3 Problems Our Efficiency Analysis Program Can Reveal

1. Areas Where Your Business Is Losing Time

An efficiency analysis of your company can pinpoint areas where your business is losing time.

Lost time is time wasted, time wasted is money lost. As a business, the last thing you want to do is lose money, so being able to pinpoint areas where you are currently losing money will allow you to fix the problem.

For example, if – compared to other businesses in similar niches – your business is spending twice as much time on transporting supplies, our efficiency analysis will call this to your attention.

Without an efficiency analysis, you may never know that your business is losing time and money and those losses would continue to add up over the years.

2. Overpaying For Supplies

A thorough efficiency analysis of your business will also identify any areas where your business is overpaying for supplies. While you may think that you are getting a great bargain from your current supplier, you may actually be overpaying in comparison to your local competitors. Without an efficiency analysis based on existing business data, how else would you know that you are paying much more than you need to for supplies that your business relies on?

3. Speed Issues

We’ve talked about an efficiency analysis being able to identify areas where your business is wasting time, but we should also talk about speed as a separate issue. For example, imagine that your business is a business like Amazon. Upon analysis, you find that your packing department is spending twice as long as other similar businesses when it comes to packing.

An analysis of your packing department may show that your packing is taking twice as long because your automated packing machine is outdated and needs to be upgraded. It may also be that an analysis shows that the staff in your packing department are overworked because your packing department is running on half the staff that your competitors are using.

Using this data, you might go on to hire additional staff and boost your packing department which will increase your productivity. While this would involve paying for additional staff, an analysis can tell you if that added upfront expense will be a profitable investment in the long run. For example, it may increase your profit four times over and only cost a small fraction of that profit in wages.

Interested in What Our Unique Analysis Will Say About Your Business?

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