IT Strategy: What is it and Why It’s Important to Your Success

The term “IT strategy” is thrown about quite frequently in the business world but surprisingly many people have no idea what it actually means. That’s why today we’re going to talk about IT strategy, what it is and why it’s important to the success of your business.

IT Strategy: What Is It?

Quite literally defined, IT strategy means “information technology strategy” and it refers to a carefully curated outline of how technology can be used to meet your company’s business and IT goals. A comprehensive IT strategy should detail all aspects of technology management from hardware and software management to risk management.

A good IT strategy should be designed so that it creates structure but it should also be flexible enough that it can be altered to accommodate changing circumstances within your company or in the current market.

To build a good IT strategy is to take the current picture of your company’s technological strategy, to analyze that strategy using efficiency analysis tools, and to determine it’s strengths and weaknesses. That information can then be used to build on your current strategy’s strengths and supplement its weaknesses using data solutions that have been indicated for your company’s success.

An IT Strategy Model

There are many steps to creating a successful IT strategy model.

The first step in the IT strategy creation process is to outline your business goals and your high-level objectives. What are your goals in creating an IT strategy? You want to support your business needs while working toward specific goals, for example, making new sales targets.

Once you have your goals and high-level objectives outlined, your next step is to define your scope, schedule, and stakeholders. What is your purpose in creating an IT strategy? What type of schedule are you looking at for implementing a new IT strategy? Who is responsible for implementing different parts of your new strategy? This plays an important part in structuring your new IT strategy and ensuring that it happens when it should and that people are held responsible if you miss deadlines.

The third step in the IT strategy process is to review your current infrastructure. What technology are you currently using? How is that technology being used? Where is that technology succeeding and where is it failing? This will help to determine what you need to keep on board in your new IT strategy.

The fourth step in building your IT strategy is to create a plan for allocating your resources and architecture. What technological architecture is available to you? What technology plays a mandatory role in your business’s infrastructure and how can it be integrated into this infrastructure? This helps to create a new IT strategy without eliminating necessary software or hardware that is crucial to your business’s infrastructure.

Finally, you need to define your metrics. How are you going to benchmark the progress of your new IT strategy? How are you going to analyze your company performance under the new strategy? You need to track your progress as you make changes to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

IT Strategy: Why Is It Important to Your Success?

Why is it important to implement IT strategy? Why not just “wing it” and take things as they come? After all, the world of technology is forever changing…

When it comes to a successful business, there is no “winging it”. You can’t “wing it” when your company relies on solid technological solutions to function. You can’t “wing it” when you are left in charge of sensitive secure data. You can’t wing it when millions of dollars are at risk. You need a definitive plan in place that is flexible enough to remain in place even when circumstances change. A solution that is secure, reliable, and one you can depend on for productivity, efficiency, and growth.

Without an effective IT strategy in place, your company is relying on outdated software, stopgap solutions, and cobbling together a solution just to get by. However, calling in an IT strategy expert like one of our team here at Tekulus means that you will no longer have to hope that technology solutions don’t advance too quickly and leave you behind in the dust. A professional IT strategy expert can take what you have, talk to you about your goals, analyze your systems, and leave you with an IT solution that is not just built for success today, but one that is built for success for the next few years!

Sure, technology will continue changing, but it’s up to you to ensure the success of your company by putting a strategy into play that can fluidly adjust without bringing down your entire company’s infrastructure.

How Tekulus Can Help With Your IT Strategy

When it comes to IT strategy, here at Tekulus we have 30 years of experience working with companies large and small creating detailed IT strategies designed for business productivity and growth. We understand how to get the most out of technology while keeping up with the constantly evolving demands of the technological world and we have the tools to put that knowledge to use.

When you call Tekulus in to help build or restructure your IT strategy, we come in with our unique efficiency analysis system and first analyze your current IT strategy and identify any holes or weaknesses that are costing your company money. Once we have identified these weaknesses, we put our 30 years of experience to work for you and create an IT strategy that is custom built for you.

To find out how the experienced technicians at Tekulus can help to build your IT strategy, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 510-592-8530 or use our easy online contact form to request more information!