Medical IT Consulting: 5 Benefits of Consulting to Your Medical Practice

Medical IT consulting allows your business to take advantage of an IT consultant’s longstanding expertise in the technology and telecommunication industry and that comes with a great many benefits.

Medical IT Consulting: 5 Benefits of Consulting to Your Medical Practice

1. An In-Depth Efficiency Analysis

Here at Tekulus, we have funneled 30 years of technology and telecommunication experience and expertise into developing a unique efficiency analysis tool. This allows us to evaluate your current IT and telecommunications system and determine where your practice is excelling and where you are lacking in productivity and efficiency. With this knowledge, we can then create a customized plan to improve your overall operations to increase your client satisfaction, save you money and increase your profits.

2. Upgraded Technology Solutions

Many medical practices feel tied down by legacy software. Records are processed and stored by these outdated software applications which are tied into the function of other systems. The problem is that these applications are fast becoming obsolete and achieving compatibility with newer software is becoming increasingly difficult. So, your practice is left with a dilemma – you need to utilize upgraded systems, but abandoning those older software solutions means a complete overhaul of your IT systems. Fortunately, our technicians can help you to complete this overhaul without the risks associated with doing the job yourself. By utilizing robust backup systems and customized IT solutions, we can upgrade your practice without any worry over data loss or corruption.

3. Data Cabling Analysis

Another major factor in the efficiency of your medical practice is the type of data cables you are utilizing, the age of those cables, and the integrity of those cables. Most businesses don’t think twice about the cabling that underlies their data center and telecommunications systems and this means that a large percentage of businesses are relying on outdated cabling systems.

You see, technology is constantly evolving. Your internet is getting faster, your telephone systems are getting more advanced, etc. but these new systems require cabling that is able to keep up with these higher demands. Having an IT medical consultant assess your current data cabling system while performing your efficiency analysis will allow them to determine whether your current data cabling is impeding your practice’s performance. If this is the case, we can work with you to upgrade your current cabling so that you can take full advantage of your IT resources.

4. Secure Data Backup Solutions

As a medical practice, the security of your data and your patient records is paramount which is why it’s crucial to make use of the most secure data backup solutions available. At Tekulus we offer a range of secure data backup solutions that are designed to fit businesses like yours. These solutions not only lock down access to your secure data but they also allow you to access your secure data no matter where you are in the world. This makes sure that even when you are at a medical conference, you can access a patient record when your nurses call you with a concern. This doesn’t just improve the efficiency of your clinic, it also improves the overall quality of care given to your patients.

5. Better Staff Efficiency

With your current IT systems, you may be losing money and reducing your practice’s productivity as a result of downtime due to slow data transfer speeds. Upgraded IT systems and cabling play a significant role in improving these transfer speeds, but so too can improving your IT operations. Through our efficiency analysis tool, our IT consultants here at Tekulus can identify areas of your IT system that require a little finessing. For example, how your current network is set up could be creating a gridlock that’s resulting in slowed data transfer. By identifying this problem, our technicians can then work with you to optimize your data center networking so that data is transferred at faster speeds. This results in less downtime for employees, but it also results in shorter wait times for clients – for example, when a receptionist pulls up a client chart during checkout.

Could Your Practice Benefit From Our Medical IT Consulting Services?

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