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Network Cleanup Services at Tekulus Computer Support


Network cleanup services

A clean network setup is essential to your company’s efficiency, and if you aren’t currently running at full efficiency, you need to take steps to remedy that.

Is it possible for a cluttered server room to create so many problems that your company productivity suffers? Judge for yourself…


A Disorganized Server Room Can Make Your Job Harder

Assume that your computer room at your business is cluttered with tangled wires. You never gave it much thought because your system appears to be working. But what happens when something stops working?

When you have to venture into that server room and replace a faulty cable and you are faced with a mass of tangled cables that make it hard to track any one back to its source…how long is that cable replacement going to take? What happens if you tug on a cable and accidentally pull another cable loose but don’t realize it until you receive an error later in the day?

A Disorganized Server Room Poses a Hazard

Having a disorganized server room doesn’t just create complications as far as fixing problems, it can also create them! For example, when your server room is a jumble of mixed-up cables and wiring and your servers are packed together tightly, you are restricting airflow.

If you have ever been in a moderately cooled server room then you know just how warm it can get, but when you restrict airflow you are increasing the likelihood that your electronics will overheat. You may even experience an electric fire in the most unfortunate of circumstances!

How Tekulus Network Cleanup Can Help

At Tekulus, our network cleanup service focuses on taking your jumbled, cramped server or IT room and creating an orderly and organized space. Not only does this make it much easier when cables need to be replaced or new components need to be added, but it also helps with the temperature control of your server room. Why is temperature control important? Because the cooler your server room remains, the more efficiently your systems run!


Tekulus Network Cleanup Services


Our network cleanup service includes a unique optimization plan developed based on your unique needs and may include:

  • A survey of your initial IT setup and analysis of your current network configuration.
  • Color coding of cabling.
  • The implementation of a cable management system designed for your unique setup.
  • Optimization of your current wiring system.
  • Labeling of wiring for easier identification.
  • Installation of new premium cables as needed for optimized functioning of your system.
  • Testing your current network to ensure that all aspects are functioning at maximum efficiency.


At Tekulus, our company is founded on thirty years of experience in Information technology and each member of our team undergoes ongoing training to ensure that your network is running on the most up-to-date technology.


If your network could benefit from our network cleanup service, our team is happy to help! To find out how we can help you to improve your company’s efficiency, call us today at 510-592-8530!