Real Estate IT Solutions

Real Estate IT Solutions So You Can Work Smarter Not Harder

We create custom real estate IT solutions designed to make crucial data more accessible to your real estate agents while also supporting a streamlined intra-office infrastructure.  Whether you are in need of a legacy system overhaul or a mobile integration solution for agents in the field, Tekulus can help.

How Real Estate IT Solutions Can Advance Your Business

The real estate market is ever changing in much the same way that technology does and that requires a real estate IT solution that is not just capable of evolution, but that is designed with that growth in mind.

Custom Real Estate IT Solutions

Your real estate company is, no doubt, built on an infrastructure that often struggles to keep up with the speed of technological growth. This leaves you with the challenge of integrating new and efficient tools with an outdated infrastructure; something that decreases the efficiency of your company and reduces overall productivity. Tekulus IT consultancy firm can solve this problem for you with our custom real estate IT solutions built for your needs so that you can devote your time to reaching company goals.

Cloud Services

If your agency is not currently utilizing the cloud platform, you are giving your competitors an advantage as well as drastically reducing the efficiency of your company. Tekulus real estate IT solutions can provide you with cost-effective cloud services as an alternative to a legacy system data structure and deliver the onsite computer support needed to enable a smooth transition.

Connectivity Solutions

Our connectivity solutions are designed to amplify the use of your data by utilizing a web-based environment to enable collaboration among users officewide and worldwide. This ensures that your valuable data is accessible any time and that nothing gets in the way of your productivity and growth.

Data Backup Services

As a real estate company, your company’s lifeblood is a constant and dependable stream of data. If you are operating with insufficient data backup services in place you run the risk of destroying your business completely. Our expert backup services are designed to avoid data loss by putting a professional data backup structure in place so that should a network or system failure occur, you won’t be left in a devastating position.

How Real Estate IT Solutions Can Advance Your Business

Through the implementation of a custom real estate IT solution, your company can benefit from an automated workflow that makes listing properties simple and accessing those listings from anywhere just as easy. This streamlined integration is designed to increase productivity and to ensure that data access is guaranteed no matter where you or your agents are.

If you’re unsure of what type of real estate IT solution is best for your needs, however, our consulting team can perform a professional evaluation of your current network to help you to find out. With a complete evaluation of your network, we will help you to identify your objectives and work with you to develop a comprehensive solution to achieve your goals through real estate IT solutions.

How Do We Determine the Real Estate IT Solutions That Are Right for You?

Our efficiency analysis system was developed based on 30 years of big business experience. Through this system, we are able to perform a thorough data analysis that creates an image of your company’s current level of efficiency. This picture then allows us to identify where and how that efficiency can be improved.

If you’re interested in putting our efficiency analysis tools to work for your company, call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.