Rural Internet FAQS: Answering Your Questions About Rugged Solutions

At Tekulus we specialize in rural internet solutions, but not all companies offer this type of solution, so there are a lot of questions about this type of tech solution. That’s why today we are going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Rural Internet FAQS: Answering Your Questions About Rugged Solutions

Q: What does rural internet or rugged internet actually mean?

A: When we talk about rural and rugged internet solutions, we are specifically talking about IT solutions that are suited to environments that are less accessible to internet providers. Specifically at Tekulus, we help companies that work in these types of areas to set their data solutions up so they are not cut off from the “outside world.” A good example of this is a logging company. Internet and intranet access is exceptionally valuable to a company like this, but getting everything setup and wired (or not wired) correctly can take some real strategic planning. That’s what we’re here for!

Q: Why are rugged internet solutions so important?

A: Why is it so important for companies to have access to rugged internet solutions? Couldn’t logging companies rely on walky-talkies? Many companies do rely on other solutions like walky-talkies, but they aren’t a replacement for an internet solution. Where walky-talkies can allow employees to communicate directly with each other, they are limited in function. For example, walky-talkies can’t send invoices to clients.

Internet access also allows for companies to better manage data and manage company efficiency to cut down on lost time, lost profits, and waste.

Q: What type of companies benefit from rugged internet solutions?

A: Any company where internet access is made difficult can benefit from rugged internet solutions. This limited access may be due to the location of a business or the spread of a business over a specific location.

Examples of these types of businesses include:

  • The logging industry
  • Vineyards
  • Forestry services
  • Extreme sports locations
  • Kayaking tours
  • Theme parks

The logging industry, for example, requires that employees work in areas that have less access to internet solutions. When access is available, it is usually very poor signal strength and getting systems set up and installed is troublesome at best.

Theme parks, however, are rarely in difficult terrain, but they do require more durable and adaptive internet solutions because of the sheer amount of ground that they need to cover. Have you ever wondered how huge theme parks manage to wire their IT systems?

Q: Is Tekulus an internet provider?

A: No. At Tekulus we don’t serve as an internet service provider. Internet service providers include companies like Spectrum and their job is to get an internet signal to your company. Your internet service provider is who runs the cables to get internet access to your main building.

At Tekulus, we take that main connection point and work with you to plan a data connection solution so that that internet signal is accessible throughout your property.

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