Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless: 7 Benefits of Using a Ubiquiti Long Range Wireless System

Reliable, high-speed internet has become a must-have for businesses in the modern era. However, in rural areas or buildings spread across a large campus, getting that fast connectivity can be a major challenge. That’s where Ubiquiti broadband wireless systems come in. Ubiquiti makes wireless networking equipment designed for long range coverage and robust performance. Their products are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and can provide fast internet speeds over many acres.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight 7 key advantages of using Ubiquiti broadband wireless equipment for your business internet needs.

Benefits of Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless

Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Installation

Long Range Coverage

One of the main benefits of Ubiquiti broadband wireless systems is their ability to broadcast signals over an extended area. While a typical consumer WiFi router may only cover a few hundred square feet, Ubiquiti devices can transmit network access for miles. This makes them ideal for farms, ranches, campuses, and other spread out properties where running cables would be difficult or cost-prohibitive. With strategic placement of Ubiquiti access points, you can blanket a large property with fast, reliable wireless internet.

High Throughput Speeds

Ubiquiti broadband wireless utilizes technologies like 802.11ac WiFi and gigabit Ethernet for excellent throughput performance. Their products can deliver aggregate data rates well over 1 Gbps across multiple clients. This high speed capacity means users won’t experience bogged down internet even with many devices connected. Ubiquiti networks easily support bandwidth-hungry uses like video streaming, VoIP, file transfers, and cloud applications.

Robust Mesh Networking

To extend coverage, Ubiquiti devices have advanced mesh networking capabilities. This allows them to wirelessly connect with other Ubiquiti access points to share the network. Adding more Ubiquiti devices to a property is as simple as plugging them in. The mesh connections happen automatically to expand your network’s footprint. Mesh networking provides built-in redundancy, as clients can roam between access points on the same network. If one unit goes down, others will maintain the connection.

Flexible Topologies

Ubiquiti broadband wireless equipment supports varied deployment architectures to match your specific needs. Solutions can be configured as:

– Point-to-point links between two locations
– Point-to-multipoint networks with one main transmitter and many clients
– Mesh networks with multiple interconnected access points
– Hybrid systems combining wired and wireless links

With adaptable topologies, Ubiquiti networks can be customized for optimal performance across unique sites.

Centralized Management

Managing extensive Ubiquiti wireless networks is easy with their UniFi Controller software. From one interface, you can configure all devices, monitor performance metrics, set up guest networks, adjust radio power, and more. The UniFi Controller provides valuable insights on data usage, device connections, and diagnostics. Having centralized control streamlines network administration, especially for large installations.

Security Features

Ubiquiti devices incorporate security protocols like WPA2 encryption to protect your business data. The firewall settings, wireless isolation, and VLAN support provide additional layers of network security. With customizable client isolation, you can restrict access between wireless users to prevent unwanted connections. This helps safeguard your infrastructure from vulnerabilities.

Cost-Effective Pricing

For their long range performance and robust feature set, Ubiquiti broadband wireless products are very competitively priced. Their solutions deliver enterprise-level technology that is accessible for SMB budgets. The total cost to outfit multiple buildings with fast, seamless wireless connectivity is much lower than trenching fiber optic lines. Ubiquiti provides big network capability without the big price tag.

Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Products

UniFi Dream Machine Pro

– All-in-one security gateway, network appliance and Wi-Fi router/access point
– 1U rackmount form factor
– 802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO wireless technology
– 10 Gbps routing capacity
– Integrated UniFi Network Controller

UniFi Building-to-Building Bridge

– Point-to-point outdoor wireless bridge
– 5 GHz frequency band
– Throughput up to 1.3 Gbps
– 57 km transmission range
– Dynamically optimized antenna alignment

UniFi In-Wall HD Access Point

– Indoor dual-band wireless access point
– 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi
– Supports mesh networking
– Integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports
– Sleek, low profile design

airFiber 60 LR

– Point-to-point backhaul radio
– 60 GHz frequency band
– 1.4 Gbps throughput
– Encrypted wireless links
– Range up to 1.4 km

NanoStation AC Loco

– Compact, outdoor dual-band access point
– 802.11ac WiFi
– 400+ Mbps wireless data rate
– Integrated antenna design
– POE powered


Utilizing Ubiquiti wireless solutions can help businesses of all sizes enjoy the benefits of fast, reliable internet across an extensive physical footprint. With advantages like expansive range, throughput speed, robust mesh networking, flexible topologies, and centralized management, Ubiquiti broadband wireless systems are an efficient choice for networking large sites.

To learn more about deploying a Ubiquiti wireless network tailored for your property and buildings, contact the experts at Tekulus. Our phone number is 510-592-8530. With years of experience installing and supporting Ubiquiti products, we can help you get the broadband wireless connectivity your business needs.