UNIFI Enterprise Wireless Administration: Top 5 Reasons Ubiquiti’s UniFi is the Best Enterprise WiFi Solution

The need to improve productivity, job efficiency, and customer satisfaction has made wireless technology a vital aspect of any business. Wireless internet saves a company a lot of money since you don’t have to run wires throughout the office building. A steady Wi-Fi connection will boost your employee’s productivity and collaboration. Providing Wi-Fi access to guests will also improve the customer experience.

Ubiquiti UniFi is a trusted wireless access point for businesses. Here at Tekulus, we are one of Ubiquiti’s UniFi providers. We consider Ubiquiti one of the best enterprise Wi-Fi solutions for the following reasons.

5 Benefits of UNIFI Enterprise Wireless Administration

Ubiquiti’s UniFi ecosystem contains a line of networking equipment like routers, VoIP phone switches, security cameras, and wireless access points managed by an UniFi network controller. This centralized network management system will benefit your business in the following ways.

1. Great Value

UNIFI enterprise wireless administration allows you to use a single device to do the work of a router, modem, and wireless access point, which is way less expensive than running each of these devices separately. The installation and maintenance costs are slightly lower than competitors, and you won’t incur software licensing or maintenance fees. This makes Ubiquiti UniFi an ideal solution for small businesses that want to enjoy enterprise-grade equipment.

2. High Performance

UNIFI enterprise wireless administration has revolutionized the way businesses serve clients. The UNIFI access point can provide connectivity over long distances. Since you can control the networking equipment remotely, it helps better manage remote teams, and you can make complex changes within minutes. You can also manage a broader range of clients from a single software. This reduces onsite trips, saving time and money.

AC variant throughput is around 1167+ Mbps and 2500+ Mbps for the AC Wave variant. These access points can suit any business performance needs. Ubiquiti UNIFI is also more scalable and fault tolerant. It allows for network expansions to accommodate business growth. If one access point stops functioning, it’s only this point that will need replacing without disrupting the entire network. UNIFI products upgrade after some time for new features and bug fixes that guarantee optimum performance even in the future.

3. Easy Deployment

UNIFI access point has a user-friendly interface. The unified controller software also allows for easy hardware deployment. When we install a UNIFI security gateway like a router or firewall, the software quickly recognizes the equipment plugged into the network. Once the controller adopts the device, it receives the proper configurations and will come up in the network within minutes. The reduced deployment time helps streamline operations and makes updating and maintaining remote devices easier, resulting in increased network safety.

4. Ease of Use

The UNIFI enterprise wireless administration has an intuitive system that allows easy control, robust configurations, remote and local access to network devices from a single interface. Ubiquiti also has dedicated mobile applications that enable you to monitor and manage the networks while on the go. You can optimize the UNIFI range to improve the user experience or ensure easier configurations.

5. UNIFI Enterprise Wireless Administration Offers Total Visibility

With the UNIFI access point, you can see everything that goes on within your network. Since it allows configurations with different apps, you will draw valuable insights on how best you use it. For instance, you can upload custom maps to get a clear view of the network, assess its overall health, and make the most appropriate changes to improve its speed and efficiency.

Are You Interested in UNIFI WIFI Solutions?

Ubiquiti Wi-Fi network is your perfect solution if your business struggles with limited Wi-Fi functionality and poor coverage. If you need Ubiquiti Wi-Fi solutions for your business, reach out to us here at Tekulus. We specialize in providing UBIQUITI Unifi product solutions. Our technicians are ready to help you with any inquiries, so call us today at 510-592-8530 to schedule a consultation.