VOIP Solutions

VOIP Solutions For Efficient and Manageable Communication Solutions

Voice over internet protocol solutions (VOIP solutions) provide an all-in-one communication solution at a price any business can afford. Here at Tekulus, our unified VOIP solutions provide a robust feature set that not only improve the customer communication experience, but that also improve internal communications as well.

Why Your Business Needs the Right VOIP Solutions

Traditional phone lines aren’t just outdated, they’re inefficient and limit business communications. Tekulus VOIP solutions do away with those limits with cloud-based and virtual phone services that can be managed via an internet connection no matter whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Custom VOIP Solutions

If your business is like most, you field phone calls and conference calls on a daily basis. You also likely find yourself tied to a desk awaiting calls, listening to voicemail, and leaving the office late because the last call of the day ran late. With custom VOIP solutions Tekulus can simplify your telecommunications by replacing your current system with a cloud hosted PBX that synchronizes your desk phone and smartphone and can be managed via a web browser or mobile app!

Integrated Access

If your business is dependent on legacy phone systems, our integrated access VOIP solutions serve as a bridge between your legacy phone systems and VOIP software. By using this approach, your business will retain the business phone number you currently own and your in-house equipment will remain the same, but you can still take advantage of newer telecommunications features.

Hosted IP PBX

Hosted IP PBX allows us to provide you with unified communication solutions by hosting and operating a PBX or private branch exchange. Using your IP network, you can seamlessly connect to the hosted cloud-based PBX network, while the security, maintenance, and upgrades are left up to us.

If you are a small or smaller medium-sized business looking for a VOIP solution that gives you access to upgraded telecommunications features without any fuss, our hosted IP PBX was built with you in mind.

SIP Trunks

SIP or session initial protocol uses a data network to transmit voice and video information, replacing your company’s need for a traditional phone network. By providing access to shared lines and more flexibility in communications, SIP trunking through VOIP gateways reduces company overhead and eliminates the need for burdensome and costly phone lines.

How VOIP Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Our VOIP solutions are designed with your business in mind and with the singular goal of improving your company’s productivity. By keeping employees in the loop no matter where they travel and by making your services accessible to clients anywhere in the globe, VOIP is the key to telecommunications stability and your business’s success without costing a fortune.

Which VOIP Solutions Are Right For You?

Our VOIP solutions are crafted uniquely to each of our clients so that no matter the size of your company or the industry you are in, you get only the services that are right for you. Whether you spend your life on conference calls or whether you’re just hard to get hold of on the road as a traveling business, we’ve got a VOIP solution built to boost your productivity.

When you contact our telecommunications professionals, we will work with you directly to build a service package that meets your every need to be sure that you get simplified services without overwhelming and unnecessary expense! Call our team today at 510-592-8530 or get in touch through our online contact form.