WIFI 6 Technologies Offered By Ubiquiti

Here at Tekulus, we support Ubiquiti technologies and are excited to announce their offering of WIFI6 technologies! As one of the few Ubiquiti hardware service providers for wireless and networking components, we are certified UNIFI and work hard with you to ensure that you have the custom solution that is right for your needs!

WIFI6 Technologies Offered By Ubiquiti

At Tekulus we are one of the few Ubiquiti hardware service providers. We love Ubiquiti particularly because of the Unifi design center that allows clients to customize unique IT setup in minutes from infrastructure design to checkout!

Ubiquiti now offers WIFI6 and if speed has always been a problem for your business, this is something that you need to look into. The new WIFI6 is unlike anything that came before because it sets the stage for a future of upgradable technology rather than simply boosting existing WIFI technology for a one time upgrade.

WIFI 6 tech is starting to emerge this year and it won’t be long before WIFI6 is part of every tech gadget you purchase. As the next generation of WIFI, WIFI6 will do everything your previous version of WIFI did, but with new technologies on the market internet connections will be faster than ever.

So, how does WIFI6 compare to WIFI5? It isn’t quite as simple as that, but if we were to simplify it, you are looking at WIFI 5 at 3.5 Gbps being boosted to 9.6 Gbps FOR WIFI 6. That’s more than twice the speed – a noticeable difference to say the very least and one that every business could benefit from!

What you should keep in mind, however 0 and why we said it isn’t as simple as comparing WIFI 5 and WIFI6, is that your connection is rarely ever going to run at max. So even if you have the possibility of running at 9.6 Gbps, simply having WIFI6 doesn’t mean that you are going to reach that speed. With that said, however, Ubiquiti tech solutions have far outperformed the competition and even when not quite meeting that 9.6 Gbps, our clients have always come within a fairly close range!

It is also important to know that the entire 9.6 Gbps is going to split between devices on your network. So, each individual device can enjoy a faster connection. This is the main selling point of WIFI 6 – it is focused on boosting the overall speed of the entire network when multiple devices are connected.

Why is it important for the newest WIFI6 to support more devices on the network while boosting overall speed? Because over the years, we have become a tech-heavy population. The average American home had approximately five WIFI connected devices back when WIFI 5 was introduced. That number of WIFI devices has now risen to an average of nine and researchers predict that it could surpass fifty devices in the near future! No wonder WIFI6 is just considered as the beginning of the path for WIFI expansion!

WIFI 6 addresses the problem of many devices connecting to the WIFI router at once by letting the router communicate with multiple devices over a single channel. This increased connection ability speeds up overall network speed and ensures that each WIFI connection is strong and not dropping every few seconds!

Interested in Ubiquiti WIFI Technology Solutions?

If you are interested in Ubiquiti WIFI solutions for your business, our skilled technicians are available to assist with all of your Ubiquiti tech needs! To arrange for one of our team to come to you and help with your needs at a time that is convenient for you, just call us today at 510-592-8530!