Business Technology Solutions: Improving Your Company Performance

The right business technology solutions can take your already successful business to a whole new level of productivity and efficiency. Although upgrading and adding new technology solutions can sound like an arduous task, the right business IT management company can take care of that task for you so that you can focus on monitoring and managing production and service.

Business Technology Solutions: Improving Your Company Performance

Virtually every business in todays day and age utilizes business technology solutions of one kind or another. If, however, your business is not using the right technology solutions or the most up to date technology solutions, your production and efficiency are going to suffer. So, what kind of technology solutions do we recommend to improve your company performance?

Cloud Services

Many businesses today already take advantage of cloud services, but if yours does not or if your current cloud services are not performing up to your standards, allow our professionals to help. Here at Tekulus, we will have our experienced team analyze your current system and determine the correct cloud solution for your needs. We can even customize solutions to meet your business needs so you don’t have to spend time trying to “fill in the gaps” because cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for you.

Adding cloud services to your business will not only make data more accessible no matter where you are, but it will reduce your overall overhead considerably. No longer will you have to support an on-site data center which adds to your overhead and takes away from your productive office space!

A Professional Business Efficiency Analysis

Here at Tekulus, we offer a unique service – business efficiency analysis. This service is unique to our company because we combine the knowledge and talent of our technicians with over thirty years of business IT experience and using our exclusive analysis system to run your company efficiency data and compare it to other companies like yours. This allows our technicians to identify weak spots in your current production line and areas where changes can be made to increase your profit by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Not only can our experts perform an expert analysis of your current level of efficiency, but they can also work with you using that data to create changes in your current IT system. These changes will be catered to your specific business and your current performance issues so that you can supplement or completely change your current system to create a more successful business and a happier work environment for your employees.

Onsite Computer Support

If you are like most companies, you depend on a call center in goodness knows where to handle your current computer support issues. When your system goes down you pick up the phone, wait on hold for far too long, and then have to struggle to explain the problem when you don’t even know what the problem is to begin with. If it’s not phone support, then it’s usually online chat or e-mail support which are just as bad. You finally get someone to respond after wasting time waiting on hold and answering the same question ten times over while you get transferred, and you still have to explain a problem that you can’t identify.

At Tekulus, we recommend that our clients utilize our on-site computer support service. When you do take advantage of this service, our technicians will come to your business site and make sure that every employee is on the same page with any new technology that has been implemented. Most importantly, they will answer questions and troubleshoot problems that cause confusion and could contribute to serious errors in the future.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having on-site computer support like this is the fact that there is a knowledgable “tech support” technician right there when and if things go wrong. It’s far easier to explain a problem or to show a technician why things aren’t working for you when they are right there with you. In fact, it can be as simple as pointing at the screen and explaining what you want a tech solution to do.

When we mention on-site tech support services we notice that many business owners are hesitant to take advantage of the service because of the cost it might involve. We want you to know that firstly, our services are priced very competitively and you will always receive the very best of service. Secondly, the cost of having on-site tech support technicians is far more affordable than the cost of downtime when waiting for e-mail or telephone support and the potential lost revenue when things do go wrong because of misunderstandings.

Are You Looking For Business Technology Solutions?

If you’re looking for business technology solutions for your company but you aren’t sure where to begin, Tekulus can help. Just give us a call today at 510-592-8530 and let our professionals take care of everything!