California Onsite Computer Support: 6 Benefits of Onsite Support Staff

California onsite computer support is a must if your California company is considering making any upgrades to your current IT system and these upgrades are what boost your company productivity and improve your efficiency. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the benefits of having support staff onsite when your company makes these kinds of upgrades.

California Onsite Computer Support: 6 Benefits of Onsite Support Staff

1. Less Wasted Time

When you set up or install any kind of new system or software in a business setting, there is a period of time where productivity is decreased as employees learn the new terrain. During this time, employees are undoubtedly going to have questions. Without onsite support, these employees have to call into a tech support hotline or send an e-mail to a support technician. Both of these solutions result in downtime while they wait on hold and go through the basic tech support solutions (“have you tried turning it off and back on again?”) or wait for an e-mail response. This wasted time is time that you are paying an employee to do nothing but wait and time that is going to be reflected in your company productivity stats. Having onsite support staff on hand while you migrate to a new IT system or solution, however, means that there is someone right there to answer questions as they come up, but more importantly, to train employees in how to properly use the new systems.

2. Fewer Mistakes

When employees are left to learn how to use new IT solutions on their own, they often neglect to complete the necessary tutorials in order to learn how to use these solutions properly. When this happens, these employees are much more likely to make mistakes. These mistakes waste time, decrease productivity, and – most of all – can result in a significant compromise of your company data, production process, or security. Having a support team on staff to guide employees through using the new IT system, however, means that everyone goes through orientation and learns how to use the new system properly. This is also particularly helpful because having a human being there to teach and observe employees as they learn means that employees who are having difficulty don’t go undetected. When this happens, the support technician can take an alternative approach to teaching so that this employee is able to do their job properly.

3. Faster Adaptation

When left to learn new systems on their own, employees often take much longer to learn than they do when a support staff member is right with them. This is because when learning on their own, employees must lookup answers to every question, they must figure things out on their own. Having a support person present while learning, however, means that employees can ask questions right away and receive answers that are worded in a way that is more understandable. Moreover, a human technician can provide a visual, auditory, and hands-on method of instruction rather than the simple reading of tutorials that employees must do when teaching themselves.

4. Complete Learning

Another benefit to having California onsite computer support available while making a migration from your current IT system is that employees are taught how to do things the right way. When left to teach themselves, employees often take shortcuts, skip sections of tutorials that they deem “irrelevant” and guess at how to properly do things when they aren’t sure how to do something and don’t want to look up the solution. This leaves your company with employees who have learned how to use your new systems in a spotty manner, they have gaps in their education which means that when certain situations arise, they aren’t going to know what to do or how to manage your new system. Having a professional IT technician available to train employees on how to use the new system, however, means that all employees go through the same training program. This program provides comprehensive knowledge of your new system and gives employees the chance to ask questions about anything that they don’t understand.

5. Observable Learning

As a business owner or manager, you need to know that your new IT system is being used correctly and that means knowing that employees are able to use that system properly. When you leave your employees to learn new systems on their own, it’s very difficult to know that everyone is learning the system and not just skimming over tutorials. Having onsite training with IT support technicians means a learning process that you can observe, you can know that employees are actively learning.

6. Compatibility Issues and Errors Can Be Addressed Immediately

Every business works uniquely and sometimes a business will have legacy software or an app that they rely on that has difficulty communicating with a new IT installation. Having an onsite IT consultant for computer support means that when this happens, you don’t have to guess what the problem is and you don’t have to “try to fix it” before calling a helpline. Having an IT consultant onsite means that you can simply have your technician troubleshoot the problem and their knowledge of your new system means less chance of things going awry as the problem is worked out.

Could Your Company Benefit From an IT upgrade and California Onsite Computer Support?

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