5 Ways Our California Onsite Computer Support Can Help Your Business

Having computer support for your company based out of California is beneficial, but having California onsite computer support is a far better option for company productivity and efficiency. There are a number of reasons why it’s best to have a hands-on technician available in your time of tech crisis, but today we’re looking at just a few.

5 Ways Our California Onsite Computer Support Can Help Your Business

Onsite Support Assists With Hands-On Learning

When teaching new tech, new software, and new methods of processing data to employees – particularly when those employees weren’t hired for technical skills – it’s much easier for those employees to learn by having a California onsite computer support technician come to your offices and walk employees through new changes. This gives everyone the visual and hands-on experience that is sometimes needed to better grasp new concepts. Hand-on teaching also gives employees the chance to ask questions and get immediate answers so that the learning process can be expedited.

California Onsite Computer Support Also Means Less Downtime

When something goes awry and you are forced to contact tech support, that contact is generally done via phone or email. The problem with this system is that it involves a rather extensive waiting period before technicians receive messages and arrange to come down to you to fix the problem. With onsite support, technicians are readily available to you and the excruciating waiting period that tech support used to involve is eliminated. This means less downtime for employees and less interruption to your corporate efficiency due to software or hardware downtime.

Onsite Support Means Faster Support

When calling or emailing for technical support for an issue, often technicians will attempt to address the problem you are having remotely. Remote support can sometimes be very beneficial, but it can also give technicians from less reputable companies the opportunity to provide less than timely support. A virtual fix to your problem means that you are unable to see who is working on your system and how productive they are actually being, it also means that you are less in the know about what is happening. An onsite technician, however, means that you have visual contact on your technician which ensures that they work on a timely schedule, get the job done well, and remedy your problem in a professional and focused way. Onsite support also means that the technician can better explain the reason for the problems you were having and if manageable, they can explain how you can remedy it yourself in the future to eliminate downtime altogether!

Better Relationships

As our corporations become increasingly dependent on technology, it’s also increasingly more common for us to need the services of tech support professionals. With generic tech support, you generally call in to a hotline number and are patched through to whichever agent is available at that time. Not only does this mean that you have to spend more time explaining any history of issues (or waiting for them to read your customer profile notes), but it also means that you don’t get the chance to develop a relationship with your technical support professional. Why does it matter whether you have an established relationship with your tech? Because having a bond with your tech support team makes it more likely that you will receive prompt attention and personalized service, that you will personally be notified of any upcoming updates or necessary system patches, and it will open the door for you to communicate more readily with them over any problems within your corporate technical system. For example, often software has small glitches that, when compiled, can cost hours in productivity and efficiency. When these glitches seem small, we can often dismiss them if fixing them means having to put a call in to that mobbed call center for tech support. This means that we go on functioning at a deficit. Having a relationship in place with your technical support professional, however, makes it much easier to bring up small issues like software glitches and prevent them from becoming big ones and costing your company time and money!

Think Our California Onsite Computer Support Could Benefit Your Company?

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