Business Technology Support: Why You Need It For Your Business

Whether you run a service business like a doctor’s office or an educational program, business technology support is a must. Unfortunately, too few businesses are aware of the availability of business technology support from companies like Tekulus and so they struggle through the day to day challenges of tech without the assistance that could make life so much easier!

Why Your Business Needs Business Technology Support

Unless you are a tech-centered business, the chances are that you either have no business technology support or you have a jumble of contracted services that are meant to make your job easier but in reality, wind up taking away from your employees productive time on the job. Between employees trying to problem solve on their own and waiting on hold for a tech, your business is losing valuable operational time, which is why quality business technology support is so important.

Onsite Business Technology Support

Here at Tekulus, we offer a range of tech support options that are designed to make your job easier by streamlining your technical support. Our onsite computer support is ideal for fledgling businesses or for businesses undergoing an overhaul of legacy systems. With the installation of new hardware and software, it’s much more efficient to have a tech support staff member on hand who can not only assist with the physical aspects of technology installation but who can also set up, sync, and train employees in the use of new systems. This type of hands-on solution is designed specifically to let your company hit the ground running and answer any questions about upgraded systems before they arise. This type of pre-emptive solution will save your company thousands of dollars of downtime and increase your employees sense of empowerment, independence, and proactive thinking.

Remote Technical Support Solutions

Not all businesses are in need of such a comprehensive and intensive business technology support solution, however, which is why Tekulus also offers consulting services. When your corporate technology fails you and you receive an unexpected and untranslatable error from software or hardware components, Tekulus support is here to help. Rather than spend hours on hold with a generic technical support company who know little about your business, your business systems, and the importance of maintaining a high rate of productivity, Tekulus support staff are knowledgeable of a diverse range of industries, technology systems, and always keep the importance of productivity in the forefront of their minds. This means that your employees spend less time on hold, experience less frustration at technical problems, and learn about the processes and solutions involved so that they can proactively address similar concerns in the future.

Other Business Technology Support Solutions

Here at Tekulus business tech solutions, we understand that not every business has the same needs when it comes to technical support which is why we offer efficiency analysis and custom IT solutions. Whether you have a current IT solution in place that just isn’t performing up to standard or whether you want to tweak the system you have to patch gaps in productivity, our support staff can help.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask about our efficiency analysis and custom IT solutions and we’ll get to work on improving your company productivity. The first thing we do is to run an efficiency analysis of your current system which allows us to determine where you current tech solutions are failing you as well as where any strong points lie. Our efficiency analysis tool is a custom-built analysis software that is based on over 30-years of tech research and big business experience and will quickly draw a picture of your current corporate tech system. With this data, our experienced custom IT solution techs will be able to build on to your current software and hardware solutions to make your business much more efficient.

Worried that a new system or tweaks made to the current system will be too overwhelming or confusing for your staff? Don’t be, because when you have Tekulus design a custom IT solution for your business, we don’t just leave you with a new product in your hands – we always make sure that you and your employees are fully versed in the structure, use, and optimization of your new tech solutions.

A Comprehensive Approach to IT Solutions and Support

Why do we take such a comprehensive approach to business technology support? Because we want to be the company that every business can turn to for IT solutions and troubleshooting. We know that the best way to do this is to ensure that you have the most efficient systems on board as well as a full blueprint for how to put those systems to use for your company and really maximize their productivity. We also know that our clients are human and when things go wrong or when you have questions about your IT solutions, it’s nice to know that you have an accessible tech support team who are familiar with your system and your business. No one likes calling on tech support, but when the technicians helping you make the experience a pleasant, short, and understandable one, it makes tech problems just a little easier to deal with!

Tekulus Provides Top-Quality Business Technology Support

If you’re looking for someone to provide top quality business technology support, Tekulus can help! We offer a full range of technology solutions from business technology support to efficiency analysis. To see how we can help your business, give us a call today at 510-592-8530.