How An IT Consultancy Firm Can Benefit Your Small Business

Hiring an IT consultancy firm could be (and very likely is going to be) the best thing that you have done for your small business in a long time. Why? Allow us to explain…

How An IT Consultancy Firm Can Benefit Your Small Business

Increased Efficiency

When you call in a reputable IT consultancy firm like Tekulus, we run a professional analysis of your current IT system. This helps us to identify where your business is currently, where things are getting bogged down, and where they could use some improvement. This allows us to build a custom approach to improving your business’s efficiency so that your company makes more profit, wastes less time, and can build a more effective and successful future.

Implementation of Cloud Data Services

If you are currently maintaining your own data backup solutions then you know that you are not only paying for the space to store that data, but you are paying for the utilities to keep that space running. If you’re like any other small business, however, you are always looking for ways to cut your expenses while creating more reliable solutions and if that’s the case, then cloud data services from an IT consultancy firm can kill two birds with one stone. Here at Tekulus, when we set you up with cloud data services, you no longer have to maintain your own data backup solutions, that means no more space or utilities for those large servers. When you make the move to cloud data solutions you also create a more reliable solution for your company because you can rely on automatic backup services and you can upgrade your storage solutions whenever you need to.

New VOIP Solutions

If your small business relies on traditional phone lines then you know the burden that comes with that monthly phone bill, you know the panic that comes with the phone lines being jammed up when you’re waiting for that important call, you know the difficulty that comes with bad connections with important clients. Fortunately, a good IT consultancy firm like Tekulus can set you up with reliable VOIP solution that remedies all of your problems. VOIP solutions give you access to affordable long distance and worldwide calling, as many phone lines as you need without the physical hassle of installing phone lines, and reliable calls through your internet connection so you never have to worry about bad lines and phone lines being out. VOIP is an affordable solution to your current small business and an easy and affordable way to expand in the future.

Preservation and Security of Data

In today’s day and age, we all know how important it is to maintain secure data both for the safety of clients and consumers and for the integrity of your business. If you are busy spending time worrying about the safety and security of company data, however, you are spending less time focusing on your business goals and that’s no way to run a small business. When you bring in an IT consultancy firm like Tekulus, though, you have the chance to take advantage of data solutions that are catered to your business and designed to address all of the things that you are currently worried about so that you can go back to building a successful business.

Data Cabling Services

Here at Tekulus, we have the right equipment and the right team to take care of your data cabling solutions. We can provide structured cabling services for your cloud, data, and LAN needs and take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair for your business’s cabling too. From fiber optic cabling solutions to cable design, a good IT consulting company will always have you covered.

Internet-Based Applications

Internet-based applications can play a significant role in the success and growth of your business and fortunately, that’s another service that Tekulus can provide. We provide turnkey design, deployment, and support for all your Internet-based applications and we can even train your staff so that you can rely on your in-house staff for technical support and smooth application operation.

Risk-Mitigated IT Transitions

If the software solution you are currently working with isn’t working for you anymore and you are ready to migrate to a new software or platform but are worried about the risk involved, it’s time to call an IT consultancy firm. Here at Tekulus, we have plenty of experience in transitioning companies from one IT platform to another and the best part of that is that as a company you don’t have to take on the risk involved, we do it for you!

Custom Software Solutions

An IT consultancy firm can provide many services for your small business, but one of the most impactful of those services is the ability to build custom software solutions for your company. Custom software doesn’t just make your company more efficient, but it also makes your company stand out from the competition – two things that are going to make your company memorable to your clients and future clients.

Ready For That Consult with the Top IT Consultancy Firm There Is?

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