What is a Cloud Services Provider?

What is a cloud services provider? Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, a cloud services provider plays an important role in the success of your business. But if you aren’t sure of what a cloud services provider is or how one can help your business, then you’re in luck because that’s what we’re talking about today!

What is a Cloud Services Provider?

The Cloud

When we refer to the cloud we are talking about a network of remote servers that work together as a single entity. The cloud can serve many different functions, for example, storing files, managing data, delivering content, running applications, or delivering services. The benefit of the cloud is that it is a virtual entity that is accessed over a network which allows you to access data from anywhere that you can access that network. So, for example, you may be used to saving your files on your computer hard drive. When you do this, you can access your data only when you are able to access your computer. Now, if you were to save that data to the cloud, then it will be accessible from any computer that can connect to the network.

There are more benefits to the cloud than just being able to conveniently access data from all over the world, though! Having a cloud services provider also means that you rely less on in-house storage for your data. This is important not just because it means less physical storage in your location, but it allows you to access large amounts of storage space that would otherwise be inaccessible if you had to maintain that storage space in your physical location.

Using the cloud also allows you to more easily share data and work on team projects without the limitations that exist when you use local data storage. It also means that your business is not limited by physical location, you can easily open up your employee base to employees worldwide through the use of the cloud!

The Cloud Services Provider

So, now that we’ve explained what the cloud is, what is a cloud services provider?

A cloud services provider is the company that provides your cloud services much like your internet is provided by an internet service provider. For example, Tekulus is a cloud services provider and we maintain a data center that allows us to provide network services, infrastructure, or business applications in the cloud. So using networking connectivity, your company can connect with our data center and make use of our network services by utilizing our data center resources instead of relying on local resources.

Why Use the Cloud?

There are many benefits to using the cloud as a business, many of which we have already covered in the sections above.

  • The cloud increases your data storage capacity without the physical limitations of office space.
  • The cloud is an affordable means of storage.
  • The cloud stores data offsite.
  • The cloud allows for project collaboration between employees all around the globe.
  • The cloud has no physical restrictions based on opening hours and employees being on shift, data can be accessed at all times.
  • The cloud often affords a business more processing and storage power than they could otherwise afford.
  • Maintenance on your storage servers is conducted by professionals and not you!

How the Cloud Can Help Your Business

Using a cloud service provider to use the cloud to manage your data and storage can help your business in a number of ways. It can increase your income revenue by increasing your productivity as a company as a whole. It can improve employee morale by allowing telecommunication through cloud access to data. It provides more computing power than you might be able to store physically in your business location. It removes physical boundaries that exist between employees and contractors working out of different countries. The list of benefits is endless!

Can Your Company Afford a Cloud Services Provider?

A cloud services provider is an investment for any business, they open up doors of possibility that were otherwise closed due to limitations on time, space, and resources. Certainly, you may face an upfront expense that you hadn’t budgeted for when initially setting up your cloud services provider, but the truth is that the productivity boost that cloud services will provide to your company will return that investment to you tenfold. A more productive company is a more successful company and what company can honestly say that they couldn’t afford to be more productive?

Think of investing in a cloud services provider as investing in a piece of land adjacent to where you currently own a hotel. When you invest in that piece of land you can build an extension onto your home which allows you to take on lodgers which increases your income as a hotel owner. It’s a similar principle because as you increase your processing and storage capability, you are generating more income through your services.

How You Can Get Set Up with a Cloud Services Provider

If a cloud service provider sounds like a great solution for your business, Tekulus can help! With over thirty years of experience in technology solutions, Tekulus can meet all of your telecommunication and technology needs no matter how large or small your business and we can do so at a price that you can afford. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Tekulus can help your company, just pick up the phone and give us a call today at 510-592-8530!