10 Benefits of Cloud Computing That Every Business Should Know!

Cloud computing has many benefits to companies of all sizes, and if you have yet to bring cloud computing into your company, it is time that you did! Not sure that cloud computing is the right option for you? Take a look at these ten benefits that come with cloud computing and we are pretty sure that you will be sold on cloud computing!

10 Benefits of Cloud Computing That Every Business Should Know!

1. Cloud Computing Offers Better Security

According to one survey, after switching to cloud computing, 94% of businesses say that they saw an improvement in their security.

2. Cloud Computing Makes For Easier Government Compliance

According to the survey mentioned above, 91% of businesses who switched to the cloud said that they found it much easier to meet government compliance.

3. Cloud Computing Is More Cost Efficient

Switching to cloud computing is much more cost efficient than more traditional data storage options. Ironically, 20% of businesses avoided switching to the cloud because they worried about the cost of making that move. As it happens, switching to cloud computing winds up saving you money in the long run. Firstly, working on the cloud ensures more adaptability since employees can access files and data from anywhere around the world. Plus the pay as you go feature of our cloud computing services here at Tekulus mean that you can scale your data storage space to meet your particular needs without having to commit to packages that are too big for your needs.

4. Mobility

Cloud computing is also particularly handy when it comes to travel – no matter where you are or where you are going, you can access data seamlessly through mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. This is – of course – part of what makes cloud computing a great option for businesses of all sizes because it lets employees and executives alike work from any location worldwide. This accessibility can also offset any added expense of setting up the cloud because it increases productivity and return on investment.

5. Disaster Doesn’t Take Everything From You

When disaster hits, many companies find themselves at a loss because all of their important data and customer profiles are destroyed. If they are lucky, these companies have an up to date backup of their data offsite, but if they are like most other companies, they are left scrambling trying to recover data from damaged servers and hard drives. Moving to the cloud eliminates the need for hardware that can easily be damaged.

6. Regularly Updated Software

Regularly updating software doesn’t just mean that your hardware runs on the most up to date software, it also ensures that you are running the most secure setup possible. If left unchecked, outdated software often creates weak spots in code that make a site vulnerable to attack by individuals with malicious intent and that can cost a company everything!

7. Sustainability

Cloud computing is also an opportunity for businesses to adopt a more sustainable approach to technology. With expandable virtual storage, businesses can increase their storage space without having to expand into limited space that is only becoming increasingly scarce with time.

8. Advantage Over The Competitors

Cloud computing also gives businesses an advantage over their competitors. According to a recent Verizon survey, 77% of businesses think that cloud technology gives them an advantage over their competitors, and 16% of businesses think that this advantage is significant. These advantages lie in the expandability of the cloud, the benefit of storage in an external location, and the efficiency that external storage has to offer.

9. Gain Insight

Using cloud computing, allows businesses to gather important data about consumers – digital data that is not as available or as easily analyzed as data gathered from more traditional storage solutions. The insight gained from company data in this way provides analytics that allow companies to create products and services that are more easily catered to future customer needs.

10. Ease of Collaboration

Cloud computing also offers businesses the opportunity to be more successful simply due to the ease with which employees can collaborate no matter where they are in the world or what time zone that are available in.

Want to Know More About Cloud Computing?

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