10 Cloud Computing Statistics You Need to Know

There are many benefits to cloud computing when it comes to your business and today we’re touching on ten mindblowing statistics when it comes to cloud computing!

10 Cloud Computing Statistics You Should Know

1. Deriving Business From Cloud-Based Apps

42% of businesses currently derive 50% or more of their business from cloud-based applications and the largest percentage of these applications are e-mail based cloud apps. Is your business currently taking advantage of cloud-based applications to increase your business or could you use a little help?

2. More Than 90% of Organizations Are Using the Cloud

Currently, 93% of organizations are using the cloud in some form with enterprises investing an incredible 1.62 million dollars into cloud computing! If your business is not among this 93% of organizations, then you’re missing out on a large increase in your customer base, costing your company more money than you should be, and providing your customers and clients with sub-par service.

3. Spending on Cloud-Based Services is Only Going to Increase

According to recent research, through the year 2020, spending on cloud-based services is expected to grow exponentially – six times faster than spending on information technology in general! Estimations suggest that by 2020 spending on public cloud computing will have reached $162 billion compared to the $67 billion that was spent on public cloud computing back in 2015.

4. Hybrid Cloud Services Are Favored Among Businesses

When discussing cloud services, there are three paths that your business can take – public, private, and hybrid.

Public cloud computing is a lower cost cloud solution in which all software, hardware, and supporting infrastructure is owned and managed by your cloud provider.

Private cloud computing is a cloud service that is used exclusively by one business. This is a solution that can be hosted by a third-party service provider or it can be hosted at your on-site data center. This is a more expensive solution to cloud computing but is more easily scaled to adapt with your business.

Hybrid cloud computing is a cloud service that uses public clouds as well as on-site infrastructure to create a balance in cloud computing benefits. Businesses using hybrid cloud services can move data between the two clouds for more control. This is a cost-effective solution to cloud computing that also allows for future growth.

According to recent studies, 47% of businesses using cloud-based services prefer using hybrid cloud computing services.

5. Public Cloud Technologies

Currently, software as a service accounts for 66% of public cloud technologies worldwide revenue. “Software as a service” is when a third-party provider hosts applications for a company and make those applications available via the internet.

6. Businesses Employ Cloud Technology For Three Main Reasons

The three top reasons that businesses employ cloud-based technology are:

  • To reduce total expenses
  • To replace on-premises legacy technology
  • To allow for business continuity

7. How The Cloud Saves Businesses Money

There are three main areas in which cloud-based services are most effective at saving companies money:

  • Hardware and infrastructure
  • IT an maintenance costs
  • Time investment

Looking for numbers? 64% of finance executives state that using the cloud can save a business up to 20% when it comes to operational costs! Another 15% believe that using the cloud can save a business more than 20% of operational costs! Additionally, it’s found that cloud-savvy businesses are 2.3 more likely to have a competitive advantage over the competition AND are expected to derive 2.3 times more revenue growth than non-cloud-savvy business owners.

8. Who You Work With For Cloud Computing Solutions Matters!

Of course, security is a major factor in cloud computing integrity and with only 8.1% of cloud computing providers meet the privacy requirements and data security regulations outlined by businesses. This makes it exceptionally important that when choosing any cloud-based solution, your company always goes with a cloud computing name that is trusted, like Tekulus. Here at Tekulus, we take the integrity of your computing solutions personally because we know that if your clients are unhappy then you are unhappy and that, in turn, means that we are unhappy too!

On average, a business will experience 23.2 cloud-based threats per month, so it’s crucial to work only with a cloud computing company with a history of reliability and secure service. One of the best ways to find out how reliable and secure a company’s cloud-based services are is simply to ask! Once you receive an answer in regard to security, spend a little time researching third-party reviews of that companies services to determine whether they match up with the self-review of security!

9. Using the Cloud to Provide Virtualized Computing Resources

31% of worldwide public cloud revenue comes from infrastructure as a service, that is, cloud-based computing solutions that provide virtualized computing resources directly from the internet. Examples of this type of virtualized computing resource include hosting servers, storing data, and networking hardware, all of which would require on-site storage in the past.

10. Platform as a Service

Only 3% of worldwide public cloud revenue is derived from platform as a service, that is using cloud-based computing to provide hardware and software solutions for your business through the internet. This gives businesses more time to focus on developing and running applications while paying less attention to building and maintaining their infrastructure.

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Statistics sourced via business2community.com