Ubiquiti UniFi: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business Network

Ubiquiti UniFi is a valuable addition to any business that wants to fight bandwidth and weak signal problems. It is a wireless network infrastructure comprising routers, controller devices, access points, and security cameras, allowing you to manage different wireless networks from a single website or browser.

You might have invested in the best quality computers and cloud infrastructure, but the wrong Wi-Fi network can ruin your business’s IT experience. The main issues affecting the business network are the need for continuous data connection and increasing multiple device handling, which can all be solved by Ubiquiti.

8 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Network With Ubiquiti UniFi

If you rely on a single router, the signals weaken the further you move from the router. You may begin to note that the signal feels weaker in some parts of your office. Ubiquiti mainly eliminates the risks of single router failure and improves internet connectivity. Here are more reasons why you should upgrade your network with Ubiquiti.

1. Improved Performance

Upgrade to UniFi to enjoy less congestion, faster internet speed, and better performance. One major downside of the single router network system is congestion from multiple devices competing in the same channel. Ubiquiti offers multi-access network points that you can set throughout the office. If one access point goes down, the system channels traffic to other points to prevent disruptions. The low congestion in Ubiquiti translates to faster download speed.

2. Improved Reliability

The Ubiquiti system works together to maintain maximum reliability. It continuously adjusts to meet bandwidth demand and prevent inconveniences. The system has safeguards like failure alert and redundant power support that helps prevent downtime. Such a reliable network will impact business operations and promotes growth. UniFi network can accommodate new advances like Hotspot 2.0, giving your business a competitive edge.

3. Great Scalability

UniFi allows you to add more access points as your business needs grow. You can extend the Wi-Fi signal within your business premises to the outside to allow for flexible working. It helps eliminate the need for plug-in Wi-Fi range extenders that negatively impact the network speed. With the extended signals, you can better use underutilized spaces and even track expensive tools and assets throughout the business premises.

4. High Security Level

Some consumer-grade routers are unprotected, making your business network more vulnerable to security breaches. Upgrade to Ubiquiti network since it provides high security. Nobody can crack your passwords or access your wireless systems without authorization. You can customize the network security based on your needs by creating guest user accounts and setting security policies. The system also has a built-in firewall and VPN that helps prevent security breaches further. UniFi controller software makes it easier to update and maintain remote devices, improving the network’s overall security.

5. Ubiquiti UniFi Offers Great Value

Ubiquiti is a cost-effective business network accessible to even the small business market. UniFi also offers the best value for the quality of equipment. After upgrading, your business will enjoy a better internet connection and reduced downtimes, which translates to happy clients, and improved profits.

Considering that you won’t incur extra costs like software licensing and maintenance fees, this is an affordable wireless solution in the short and long term.

6. Ease of Use and Deployment

Ubiquiti is a unified network that manages different systems from a single interface. It gives you easy cloud access and total control of your systems. With an UniFi mobile app, you will have total visibility on several platforms, making remote management much more manageable. UniFi controller software also simplifies device deployment delivering better remote site management from a single platform.

7. Allows Advanced Reporting

The UniFi controller can configure multiple apps, including custom apps. This gives you a clear view of the wireless network’s overall health. Besides having total control over the network, you can collect insightful performance data and make improvements where needed.

8. Low Maintenance

After years of use, business networks may begin to develop issues. Figuring out the exact problems and fixing them consumes business resources and time. Wi-Fi is a vital part of business operations, and when disrupted, it can lead to some expensive losses. Ubiquiti UniFi has a high monitoring capability that identifies issues early enough, so they are dealt with quickly before they escalate into more significant problems. It thus helps save time and money.

As outlined above, Ubiquiti UniFi is a great enterprise Wi-Fi solution offering a reliable internet connection that can promote business growth. At Tekulus, we specialize in selling, installing, and setting up Ubiquiti Wi-Fi solutions for businesses. Contact us at 510-592-8530 for more information.