Looking for Phone Systems VoIP Service Providers in California

Choosing the Ideal Service Provider

Tekulus has the ability to reduce your monthly phone bill drastically when compared to the conventional telephone system with the help of VoIP. We are one of the best phone systems VoIP service providers in California. We furnish hosted PBX as well as on-premise PBX systems solutions.

It is extremely important to select the right kind of VoIP service provider especially when there are so many services, prices and packages available in the market. The ideal service provider will deliver service options that best suit the size of your business, will preempt the volume of usage and assess the features that are required before proffering the VoIP phone systems.

Pre-requisites to approaching a phone system VoIP provider:

Before you start comparing providers determine your basic requirements. Check your CDR records or current phone bill for the following information:

  • Toll free numbers

  • Quantity of numbers

  • You calling usage – if it is local or international or long distance

  • Number of lines

  • User extensions required

  • Any special features that may be needed to enable timely initiation of your service

Seek Tekulus’s expert advice so that you can be prepared. We will facilitate a smooth and effective startup of your services.

We will help you assimilate the following to get the right kind of systems for your business:

  • Evaluation of your internet connection: The bandwidth, strength and capacity of your internet will be assessed. The system should be fast enough to accommodate a VoIP installation for good service quality.

  • Budget: It is absolutely important to draw a budget depending upon your company’s VoIP requirements. As service providers Tekulus is the most cost-effective.

  • Equipment: With the data collated, you should also evaluate the equipment you require. The immediate requirements are phones and other feature options.

Our contracts outline every service information and delivery practices in detail. With Tekulus’s VoIP systems you can telecommute with ease, use the diverse messaging services, connect multiple phone numbers and attach premium features at extremely economical rates. We are premier phone systems VoIP service providers in California.