Business Cloud Solutions: What Are They?

Business cloud solutions are something you’ll hear plenty about if you have any type of online presence, but do you know what business cloud solutions are and how they can benefit your business?

Business Cloud Solutions

Let’s begin by taking a look at what business cloud solutions are…

When we talk about the cloud, we are talking about using remote servers to process, store, and manage data so that it might be used off-site. When referring to business cloud solutions, however, we may also be referencing resources, applications, and services that a cloud services provider manages.

What Business Cloud Solutions Does Tekulus Offer?

At Tekulus, we offer a range of business technology services including cloud solutions designed to increase your business efficiency and competitiveness. We offer a variety of cloud storage packages that are suitable for businesses from the small to the large and each package can be expanded to meet the needs of a growing business so that you never have to worry about upgrading your facility to accommodate an increased need for storage space.

In addition to cloud storage, our business cloud solutions also provide your business with industrial strength security solutions designed to lock down your data and prevent any data theft and to ensure that your business website is secured at all times. This is particularly important if your business handles a lot of secure data, but it’s also important in creating a trustworthy front to clients and potential clients – no one wants to give their business (or their data) to a company that can’t even keep hackers from infiltrating their website! Imagine how you would feel if you went to the website of a business asking for your patronage only to find a not-so-pleasant message from a hacker or a ransomware warning? Quite simply, it could bring your business down in one fell swoop.

Why Your Business Needs to Take Advantage if Business Cloud Solutions

Space and Security

Business cloud solutions are not only a way to free up space at your business facilities, but they are also a great way to cut down on the overhead needed to maintain your physical business facility. The benefits don’t stop there, though, with secure cloud storage provider technicians overseeing your cloud accounts, they will be able to provide your business with top of the line security software solutions so that you never have to concern yourself with the potential of security breaches and compromised websites.

Efficiency Analysis and Analytics

Business cloud solutions from Tekulus also offer you the opportunity to take advantage of premium efficiency analysis tools and analytics. That means that as you are going about your day to day business, your use of the cloud allows our professionally trained technicians to analyze the data flow for your office and determine where adjustments need to be made to maximize your company performance. If no adjustments need to be made, this analytic data is equally important in gaining insights into in-office productivity and application and data use.

Data Backup Solutions

Perhaps one of the most important benefits that come with utilizing Tekulus business cloud solutions is that you no longer have to worry about data backups. Whether you simply neglect to make regular data backups or whether you have a cheap backup solution that doesn’t always pull through, your business is facing a big problem. Without regular data backup solutions like those we provide to our cloud customers, you run the risk of losing crucial customer information – sensitive information that you REALLY don’t want to have to admit to your clients that you have lost.

Even if you do have a backup system in place the chances are that it’s an affordable solution designed for small businesses and it’s not designed to handle the type of data that you are charged with securing on a daily basis. Fortunately, with our custom data backup solutions, we can develop a backup system that is designed specifically with your business needs in mind so you no longer have to make do with a system that isn’t exactly what you need.

In Need of Business Cloud Solutions?

If you are in need of business cloud solutions to improve your business performance online and in the office, Tekulus can help! To see how we can help you, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 510-592-8530 and let’s get your business in the fast lane to success.

Not sure what kind of business cloud solutions are right for your business or even whether you need business cloud solutions at all? Don’t panic! We offer consulting services that are designed to work with you to determine what kind of solutions will contribute to your company’s success. Our knowledgable IT techs will run an efficiency report on your current system using our proprietary efficiency analysis software and from there, we can pinpoint where your current system is lacking and what we can do to bolster that weakness.

At Tekulus we always put our client’s businesses first and sometimes that means thinking outside the box, let us think outside the box for you!