Data Backup: Answering Your FAQ’s On Business Backup Needs

Data backup is a necessity for any business, but many business owners find that they have questions about their data backup needs and their current backup plans with other providers. Today we’re going to answer some of those questions for you.

Data Backup: Answering Your FAQ’s On Business Backup Needs

Q: How Do You Know What My Backup Needs Are?

A: Many of our new clients ask how we know what their data backup needs are. Many providers simply guess at their client’s needs, but here at Tekulus, we have our experienced team take a look at your company and your current solutions and evaluate your unique needs. This ensures that we provide you with backup options that are a custom fit for your company, solutions that weren’t built for a generic business with generic needs in mind.

Q: How Do We Know How to Work With Our New Data Backup Solutions?

A: Some companies that offer backup solutions will provide you with their solutions but leave it at that. This means that when it comes to using your new solutions, you’re on your own. At Tekulus we don’t believe that any of our clients should ever have to “wing it” when it comes to their backup solutions, after all, it’s your business data at risk! That’s why we always walk you through any new solutions that we put into place for you and ensure that you and your staff are fully familiarized with every part of the setup and how to use it. We also make sure that you always have access to tech support when you need it so that if you do have unanswered questions, you can get the answers right away.

Q: How Often Do I Have to Backup My Data?

A: When new clients are considering their needs for backup solutions, one question that we get asked quite often is how often data should be backed up. The answer to this question varies depending on the unique needs of your company, but we recommend a minimum frequency of once a week and a preferred frequency of once every 24 hours. It’s also important to know that when we talk about backups we aren’t always talking about complete backups. It’s possible to do a full backup of your data less frequently and a partial backup of frequently edited information on a more regular basis. That’s where our professional technicians come in, they can look at your current operation and help you to decide what type of solution is best for you.

Q: Why Do I Need to Backup My Data So Frequently?

A: The frequency at which you will need to backup your data is going to depend on your business, but sometimes clients are surprised at how often we suggest that they back up their data. What we like to remind those clients is that every time you make a change to your data those changes need to be backed up so that if your entire system were to crash overnight, the backup file that you have in place can replace the files that you lost including any changes that you just made.

Q: Is My Information Safe?

A: YES! Data security is exceptionally important and we know that our reputation is at stake when it comes to the security of your data. We never want to give you a reason to question our service which is why we always ensure that your data is protected by the most up to date security solutions and that those solutions are always updated.

Is Your Current Provider Failing When it Comes to Your Data Backup Needs?

If your current provider is failing when it comes to meeting your data backup needs and you’d like to see what else is possible, Tekulus is here to help. Just give us a call today at 510-592-8530 to see how we can customize a solution for your company’s needs.