Data Backup Service – 5 Reasons Why a DBS is Crucial!

A data backup service can save your business in a number of situations, but despite this, many business owners look at data backup services as something unnecessary. Why? Because “it’s something I can do myself.” Of course, there is the option to create your own data backup routine, but the truth of it is that very few people stick to their data backup routine.

So, what exactly can a data backup service do for you and your business and why is it so worth investing in?

Ransomware and Hackers

You’ve likely seen the slew of ransomware attacks in the news lately. These types of attacks are nothing new, even though they are only just beginning to get the coverage they deserve. If you run a large company with global influence or influence in a particular segment of a particular industry, you run the risk of becoming the victim of a ransomware attach. Even if you aren’t a big business, there is still a change that your site will succumb to hackers.

Both ransomware and hacking incidents can be exceptionally difficult to remove from your site and your network and in some cases, they can corrupt data so completely, that there is a risk that your data can’t be recovered.

In the event of ransomware or hacking, if you experience this type of violation, using a data backup service means that you have a recent backup of your website files and any documents kept on your network is crucial!

Updates Don’t Always Go To Plan

If you run on a Windows system then there is no doubt that at some point you have experienced problems with your system after a Windows update. Most of the time simply rolling back to a previous save point can remedy the problem, but sometimes it can be harder to identify and remedy the issue and a simple rollback won’t fix it. When this happens you are left with the awful decision of forging ahead with the new update and trying to salvage everything you can or reinstalling your operating system. In both of these instances, you stand to lose or otherwise corrupt valuable data files.

In the event of this type of situation, maintaining regular data backups can ensure that you have a recent backup of your files so if your fix calls for starting over, it isn’t the end of the world.

Human Error

If you have ever been the person who accidentally hits that big red “do not push” button, you know that feeling of dread that sets in as soon as you have pressed it. Sometimes this type of human error can be fixed – for example, a quick visit to the recycling bin! In other situations, however, human error is not as easily fixed; this is particularly true when the button pusher has no idea what they did to cause a problem within your system.

When human error takes down your company system, your main priority is always going to be getting your system back up and running. If you have a recent and complete data backup, getting your system back up and running smoothly is simply and fast and it gives you plenty of time to identify what went wrong.

Disaster Strikes

If you live in tornado alley or hurricane territory then you know the danger that Mother Nature can pose, particularly when your business depends on digital records. Whether you are staying to pick up the pieces or relocating while you rebuild your business, when disaster strikes, you need to be able to continue running your business no matter where you are. Having a complete data backup of your files makes it much easier to get back on your feet even when you have lost everything. You have already lost so much when disaster strikes, can you really afford to lose your business too?

Not All Employees Can Be Trusted

The number of employees worldwide who admit to stealing documents and information from their employer is staggering. Most employers don’t even know that this type of activity is happening until it is too late. If one of your employees decides to take off with files from your company, you need to know that you have a secure backup of that information. Yes, you are still going to face fallout from having information stolen, but having a backup of that data can help to restore your files and to identify stolen information if you do file a police report.

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