Data Storage Management: 5 Things You Should Know

As a business owner, you are likely aware that data storage management is a necessary part of securely and efficiently running your business. What you may not know, however, is what your company needs from data storage management solutions. So, here are a few things that we want you to know before choosing a solution blindly…

5 Things You Should Know About Data Storage Management

1. Not Every Business Has the Same Storage Management Solution Needs

Of course, you know that not every business is the same and so it goes without saying that their data storage management solutions are going to differ as well.

A business technology consultant is a great option for determining what solution is right for your business, but before you call in for assistance, try to create a framework for what your company might need by asking yourself some questions about your business:

  • What are my security needs?
  • How long do I need to utilize this type of storage solution? Is this a long term or short term option?
  • How quickly will I need to access stored data?
  • What type of restoration of data solution will I need?

Only you can answer these questions but your answers will help an IT strategy professional to help you.

2. Know Your Industry Guidelines

Depending on what industry your business is in, you may have to abide by certain rules or regulations as it pertains to data storage and management. It’s important to be familiar with these so that you can ensure that the data storage option that you select is the right one for your business legally.

3. Create Custom Solutions If Needed

If you can’t find an existing data storage management solution that will work for your business, consult with an IT strategist to create a custom solution that will work rather than trying to fit your business model into an existing strategy. You are paying for a solution for YOUR business and you should receive a solution that works for your business, not one that you have to make do with. Here at Tekulus, our consultants are always happy to help you to find and create solutions that are catered to your specific needs.

4. Know Who You Are Trusting With Your Data

When working with a data storage management company it’s easy to think that because of their job, a company is trustworthy. This is not always the case! Always thoroughly “vet” companies before deciding to work with one. You can do this by researching a company’s reputation, looking into their services, and comparing them to other similar companies. At Tekulus we have thirty years of experience working with IT data solutions and are proud to say that our experience, as well as our reputation, often lead new clients to our door and we’d be happy for you to be one of them too!

Know that you never have to settle for one company just because they are the only company you know of, because they’re pressuring you into working with them, or because they seem to be the only company offering a solution that you think will work for you. You ALWAYS have a choice and if you can’t find a company that offers what you are looking for, reach out to an IT consultancy firm like ours and we’ll create just what you are looking for!

5. Know How to Use a System You Choose to Use

Not all companies will walk you through the data solutions that they offer – even when they have created a custom solution for you! At Tekulus we call that BAD business. It’s important for every business owner to know how to utilize the technology solutions that they implement in their business and that’s why we always walk you through the work that we do for you and ensure that you are familiar with the structure and use of that system before we hand over the reins! After all, what good is a data management solution to you or your company if you don’t know how to use it to access or store data that is important to your company?

Need Someone to Advise You on Data Management Solutions?

If you could use a little more guidance on which data management solutions might be right for your business, Tekulus can help. Just give us a call today at 510-592-8530 and our experienced consultants will be glad to answer any questions that you might have!