Legacy Support: 5 Ways Custom IT Solutions Can Help

Legacy support is crucial in today’s day and age for any company utilizing legacy software that is having trouble keeping up with modern technological advances. Custom IT solutions are the answer, but just how do custom IT solutions aid in legacy support?

5 Ways Custom IT Solutions Can Help with Legacy Support

1. Legacy Support Through Speed and Efficiency

Utilizing data solutions, you can increase the speed and efficiency at which you can move large amounts of data. This takes the burden off your outdated legacy systems and improves your corporate efficiency and productivity. In fact, by utilizing data solutions that are customized to your company, you can create a much more streamlined data transport system. This doesn’t just create a more productive business, though, it also creates happier employees and customers or clients who are being served with more efficiency. Improved employee morale means a more effective work system in-house and customers receiving better quality service means more sales and increased income!

2. Legacy Support Through Off-Site Storage

Many legacy systems struggle to keep up and when you add in a large amount of stored data, it only serves to bog things down even more. With the right custom IT solutions, however, you can remove this extra load off your legacy systems allowing them to run at top functionality while your data is stored on the Cloud safely and securely.

3. Up to Date Privacy Protections

If you are utilizing legacy systems to store sensitive data for your customers or clients, then it’s crucial that you have a system that can meet the stringent rules and regulations of today’s day and age. Client data privacy and data security are something which, when neglected, can bring down your business in one fell swoop. A custom-built IT solution, however, can work with your current legacy systems to implement the necessary security measures to keep your customer and client data protected to today’s standards. Using cloud services, for example, you can take advantage of top of the line security and data protection without encountering any compatibility issues with your current legacy systems.

4. Finding Faults

A reputable custom IT solutions company will do very little for your company until they have fully analyzed your current system. Here at Tekulus, for example, we utilize our proprietary efficiency analysis tool that was developed based on thirty years of IT experience to fully analyze your current systems. What this does is allow us to identify areas of your legacy system that are not performing as they should and that are ultimately costing your business money! Following a full efficiency analysis, custom IT solutions can be built to tackle the unique shortfalls of your current system and fill in the gaps where it’s needed. This is done with various tools that are built with your business goals in mind and can be tweaked as their usage increases so that they might result in optimal profit, reduced loss, and increased efficiency.

5. Improved Data Filtering Solutions

Another area where legacy support is necessary is for businesses that pass through or analyze a serious amount of data on a regular basis. As the amount of data you have to filter or analyze increased, the demand on your legacy systems increases until, eventually, those legacy systems simply can’t keep up.

Imagine that your company is using an original iPod to store songs (your data). The capacity of this iPod is 5 GB or 1,000 songs.

All of your in-office systems are configured to work with the original iPod.

Well, as time has moved on, you are handling more data than those original 1,000 songs and you upgrade to the next version of the iPod which holds 10 GB or 2,000 songs.

As your company continues to grow, you need to add more storage space, but the original iPod is incapable of holding any more than 2,000 songs. So, you must find a way to increase your storage space without eliminating the iPod platform since your entire corporation is built to function using the original iPod platform.

This is where a custom IT solution can lend legacy support by increasing storage capability through online cloud storage. This increases your capability to store data, however, it does not interfere with the original legacy system which was designed only to work with the original iPod system. Your custom IT solutions effectively “bridge the gap”. Once this bridge is put in place, you won’t just be able to store more data, but you will be able to access it frequently and filter it without lagging or freezing up your entire office system since you are now working off an alternate storage solution.

Need Help with Legacy Support?

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