Technology Support: 5 Ways Tekulus Can Support Your Company’s Needs

Technology support is an important part of any business these days, but when that business relies on technology to operate it is a crucial component of success. For this reason, it is necessary to have a solid technology support team in place. Here at Tekulus, IT support is our area of focus and we offer top notch support to businesses in a wide array of niches. Today, though, we want to talk a little bit about how Tekulus can serve your IT support needs.

Technology Support: 5 Ways Tekulus Can Support Your Company’s Needs

1. Onsite Computer Support

As a company, there are going to be times when a telephone or PC chat just aren’t going to cut it when it comes to getting the IT support that you need. In these instances, we always recommend that our client allow us to connect them with one of our onsite computer support staff who can come out to their location and provide onsite computer support. This allows our technician to offer hands on training to ensure that every employee in house who needs to understand how to use your IT system knows how to use your IT system. Onsite support also gives employees a chance to ask questions that they might have about your system.

2. Efficiency Analysis

Another valuable IT service that we offer here at Tekulus is our custom efficiency analysis service. Incorporating over thirty years of IT experience combined with a vast library of statistics, our efficiency analysis tool runs through and analyzes your current business setup. As it scans through your system, the efficiency analysis tool flags any areas where your company efficiency could be improved. For example, if you are experiencing a long load time for your company website that is causing people to leave your site before making a purchase, our efficiency analysis will pinpoint this as an issue.

By running our efficiency analysis tool, we can help you to reduce corporate waste, reduce spending, increase production, and increase profits!

3. Data Backup Services

Perhaps one of the most crucial IT services that no business should be without is that of data backup! Despite the best intentions, the vast majority of businesses fail to regularly and securely backup their data. This means that should your inhouse hard drive crash or your server die, your company is going to lose valuable client data.

One of the best ways to avoid this type of data loss is to setup a data backup service that automatically backs up your data on a regular basis. Here at Tekulus, we offer regular data backup that ensures that no matter what happens or when it happens, you will have an up-to-date copy of all of the crucial data that your company has collected over the weeks, months, and years.

4. Cloud Services

Cloud services sound intimidating to a lot of businesses that are not too tech savvy, but the cloud service is actually simple to set up with the help of our skilled IT team. Once set up, a cloud service allows you to access your company data from anywhere in the world so that you can maintain productivity without having to make extra trips to the office or wait for emailed data to come through to you before you can get a job done.

Utilizing cloud services also helps to free up office space and reduce overhead while making team collaboration possible and EASY from anywhere in the world.

5. Networking and Cabling

Network and cabling is another IT service that our technicians provide here at Tekulus and it is a service that is particularly beneficial to companies that need a more rugged network connection solution. For example, a business in the logging industry has to be able to directly contact employees while they are out in the field – not just for efficiency, but also for safety! With traditional network and cable solutions, this type of rugged business would struggle to get a connection let alone get a reliable connection that could be trusted with the lives of workers in extreme environments.

Looking For Corporate Technology Support?

Is your business in need of technological support? If you are looking for a reputable and experienced IT support team, our crew here at Tekulus is at your disposal! Just call us today at 510-592-8530.