WIFI Infrastructure Installer in the Bay Area – 5 Reasons To Leave It To The Pros

Tekulus has been named the #1 WIFI infrastructure installer in the Bay area and we couldn’t be more honored to receive such recognition! Not everyone chooses to go with a professional WIFI infrastructure installer, though, and that can cause quite a lot of problems. So today we want to tell you a little bit about some of those things and why you should trust a professional to setup your infrastructure for you!

WIFI Infrastructure Installer in the Bay Area – 5 Reasons To Leave It To The Pros

1. Things Can Get Complicated

Setting up your wireless network infrastructure isn’t going to be a plug and play job. You are going to find that at some point, your business needs more than the average network can provide for and it’s far better to plan ahead and be prepared for those needs than to ignore them and try to make adjustments when the time comes. Unfortunately, setting up wireless infrastructure is not like putting together Lego pieces – you can’t just snap on the pieces you want seamlessly and expect everything to be compatible or functional!

2. The Out of the Box Solution From “Them” Isn’t Made For You

The out of the box WIFI networking kits aren’t made with your business in mind. In fact, they’re rarely made with anyone’s business in mind! Out of the box solutions are designed to setup a wireless network in a simple situation in a limited range. We can’t say that we have ever had a corporate client that fits into that particular category!

Businesses are unique, business offices are unique, and the wireless internet needs of businesses are unique. It only makes sense that you should invest in a WIFI solution that is just as unique!

3. You Can’t Actually “MacGyver” It…At Least Not For the Long-term

You may think that setting up your own network infrastructure is something that you can “figure out”, after all, you set up your home network just fine…

The problem is that you have a lot more riding on your corporate infrastructure. You need to know that you have a reliable and secure system that can not only meet your immediate needs, but that can meet your projected needs as well.

Yes, you may be able to go in and “MacGyver” a solution to make your network functional, but this presents a few problems. Firstly, improvising a solution only takes care of the immediate problem, it does not consider the impact that improvising can have on other elements of your network. Improvising also does not set your company up for successful expansion, so while you may be able to make things work “for now,” you are going to run into even more problems when it comes time to make adjustments.

4. Security Matters

Setting up your own WIFI networking solution also poses a problem when it comes to security. The last thing that you want is for customer data or confidential information to be leaked or stolen because you tried to save a few bucks by setting up your own network!

Having a professional setup a secure networking solution for you means that you can be sure that your network is secured against unauthorized access, but that your staff don’t have to constantly find workarounds for firewalls! Having corporate security solutions in place also gives your future clients more confidence when they trust you with their personal data.

5. You Can Access More Rugged Solutions

We discussed previously about the importance of setting up an infrastructure that is customized to your needs. When your company is particularly unique in terms of your everyday work environment, you need to setup a stable and secure network that reaches all of your employees and clients without constantly dropping a signal and without customers having to repeatedly disconnect and reconnect to your network!

It’s not just about accessing data, though! For some businesses large and diverse worksites cover significant amounts of terrain and being able to connect with everyone on-site is a matter of safety!

Assume that you set up an “out of the box” network solution that frequently drops signal. If you were a foreman on a building site or if you ran a logging site, dropped signals can be a matter of life and death!

Are You Looking For a WIFI Infrastructure Installer in the Bay Area?

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