Ubiquiti Access Control: Enhancing Your Business’ On-site Security with UniFi Access Control

Ubiquiti Access Control is a reliable solution for small businesses that need to control and authorize access to their buildings, documents, and policies. Limiting on-site access to authorized people ensures that you remain competitive, secure and in full control of your business assets. The reliance the world has on information technologies gives most businesses no other choice but to secure their data centers and public doorways. Access control is how.

Ubiquiti Access Control: Enhancing Your Business’s On-site Security

Benefits of Ubiquiti Access Control: The Hardware

A dynamic relationship between software and hardware components is what makes your on-site security possible via access systems. Like the routers you might use to relay an internet signal, you need an unseen signal to operate the hardware units your business will need. This calls for the installation of reliable components, and this is why Ubiquiti became a top system to relay your safety policies throughout an entire building. Here’s a look at the hardware involved.

Wireless cameras and sensors

Ubiquiti hardware will enable you to monitor your business from a wireless location. Remote monitoring is only possible with the right setup of cameras, sensors and telephones. When using integrable hardware, you give Ubiquiti technology the chance to truly shine. By monitoring incoming phone calls, for example, you ensure that your business doesn’t get tied up in unnecessary chatter. Ubiquiti cameras are even operated remotely.

You will find freedom of choice. You can, for example, choose to have cameras installed into your card readers. When using sensors in conjunction with cameras, you gain the capacity to automate door locks should cars or people approach an exit. It is necessary to limit how people enter your building, yet Ubiquiti also makes it easier for people who’re exiting your space.

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Door locks and fob keys

Electronic locks enable you to open and close doors without human involvement. The authority to open these locks is set by your policies. Whether it’s set for a specific time at night or for specific employees, those commands can be changed whenever you need to. Like with Ubiquiti, however, you must ensure that your equipment is compatible. Once it’s set up, your business will immediately know when someone gets access into an area they aren’t authorized to be in.

For keys and locks to function properly, card readers must also be installed. Based on your needs, key fobs, ID cards, and hand swipes are among the things that will activate your security sensors. Mobile devices are another option you have for on-site entry. Not only can you manage system features with iOS devices, but you can also control entry or exit settings from a phone.

The Software

The software is where the magic happens in regards to operating your entire security system. What Ubiquiti gives you control over is authorization. Enabling higher security measures in one area with less set in other spaces is your prerogative. To automate your own settings, you have to program your hardware to grant access based on the criteria you set. Afterward, you can then monitor your system at work without having to directly command what the system does.

Ubiquiti access control identification log

To manage access into your business, you’ll need one of two things that Ubiquiti makes simple. The first is an identity database for employees. If not and secondly, you’ll need a default setting for guests when they arrive. Managing the authorization employees have is easier when they’re put into a database. You can then assign levels of authority to them. As for guests, these can be handed temporary cards or codes to enter and exit designated areas.

Central processing

Though able to operate full buildings and different sections within each building, you only need a single cloud system. Ubiquiti software will enable you to manage an entire network of authorization but from a central hub. This is pivotal when you’re seeking to simplify your security measures or when creating a security standard. Whenever updates need to be made, having a single operation center will streamline your work.

Considering the Help of a Professional

An effective way of implementing Ubiquiti Access Control for business solutions is to work with a professional IT service provider. At Tekulus, we not only specialize in the sale of Ubiquiti systems, but we also provide the right guidance when activating system features for exact security outcomes. Tekulus installs the hardware and software you’ll need to secure your business. This IT agency is cordial, and its IT professionals are knowledgeable when working with your staff.