Disaster Recovery Solutions: Do You Have a Plan in Place?

Disaster recovery solutions are a very important component of any business’s disaster preparedness plan. If your business does not already have a disaster data recovery solution or a disaster preparedness plan in place, then it’s time to get one! Fortunately, our team here at Tekulus can help.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Do You Have a Plan in Place?

Whether your office location means that you are more susceptible to earthquake damage or flooding, a reliable disaster recovery solution can mean the difference between the total collapse of your business or being able to relocate and open your doors again immediately. Surprisingly though, many business owners still don’t have a data recovery plan in place to guard against the loss of their business in the event of a natural disaster!

What is a Disaster Recovery Solution?

If you’re a little more unfamiliar with technology, you may be asking what we mean when we talk about recovery solutions, well, here it is…

Most businesses these days deal with digital data. From client medical files to secret recipes to business plans to financial information, digital data serves as the central nervous system to your business. If you’re like many businesses, the chances are that you keep that data on laptops, desktops, hard drives, and maybe even your own servers in the IT department. This is a great way to have instant and speedy access to data whenever you need it and it’s the perfect way to integrate data into internal software when it’s needed. Unfortunately, having that data so close to home means that should something happen to your business – a hurricane, an earthquake, a flood, etc. all of your valuable data will be lost. If you’re lucky you’ll have a backup copy of that data somewhere, but if you didn’t have a disaster plan in place, the chances are that you don’t have a data backup in place either. What does this mean to your business? It means that once that machinery is destroyed, so too is your company.

A recovery solution is a plan that exists for such a time as this. At Tekulus, we begin by consulting with you and your business to determine what kinds of needs you have. With that information, we can then build a custom solution for your business so that when that natural disaster does strike, you won’t be left with no business at all. Often this means setting you up with a cloud data solution and a data backup service.

The Cloud

Our cloud services are designed to allow you to access your data no matter where you are. When you house your data in an in-house IT department, you only have access to this data when you are in-house and have direct access to the hardware that is storing that data. When you have your data stored on the cloud, however, you can access it anywhere that you have an internet connection. This means that if your physical location is under threat by a natural disaster, you can still access data and don’t have to worry about that data getting permanently destroyed.

Data Backup Service

Another benefit of our data services is that we provide you with a data backup service. This means that we can schedule for your company data to be backed up as frequently as you like so if disaster does strike, you will always have access to an up to date backup of your data. This backup can easily be restored so that it’s as if nothing ever happened.

Do You Need Disaster Recovery Solutions For Your Business?

If you are just now beginning to put a plan of action together to prepare your business for a natural disaster and you need a reliable and reputable data recovery solution, Tekulus can help. Our data storage and backup solutions are the perfect way to ensure that your company doesn’t lose any valuable data in the event of any type of disaster. To find out more about how we can help you to keep your business data secure just give us a call at 510-592-8530!